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Hey, I'm Serinius. I'm new to modding as a whole, so I just thought I'd start small, you know?

This follower mod is, really what it says. A standard follower, as in- nothing is custom-made about her, she's made from all vanilla Skyrim and whatnot. She levels with the player, and her stats/skills progress accordingly.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this mod, despite how bland and standard it is. Better to start off small, you know?

Peace & love.


Aleksai is located in the Four Shields Tavern, Dragon Bridge. (coc dragonbridgefourshieldstavern, if you're feeling lazy.)


- Calientes Female Body Big Bottom Edition:

- Dark Sisterhood Armor by Hentai -CBBE3 by Nausicaa:

These are strictly to get the same armor in the screenshots.


- Discoloration in her face/neck compared to her body. Fixed by targeting her in the console and typing 'setnpcweight 100'. Has to be redone each time Skyrim is opened.


- Extract "AleksaiFollower.esp" to your Skyrim/Data directory; check my ESP in your Data Files.


- Dismiss Aleksai as a follower, uncheck my ESP from your Data Files, delete my ESP from your Skyrim/Data folder.


- A standard follower for those who dislike, or are tired of the vanilla Skyrim followers.
- Levels alongside the player up until level 100.
- Combat style of a thief.


Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Construction Kit.
ForAdventure ( for his Construction Kit tutorials.