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Frostfruit Manor and Drygoods Store


"You have walked my dog. Your have mowed my lawn. I now pronounce you Thane of Ho-Hum. I will inform my advisor that you are now allowed to purchase a house no-one wants; for a price no-one is willing to pay." - Jarl BogBrush of Ho-Hum

Tired of meaningless Thane Quests and dodgy SkyRim housing? This small estate might just suit you . . . no quest, no cost; just walk in and take it! (I couldn't be arsed to make a quest cycle for this as I have another, larger, mod on the go . . .)


Location map marker
Fully NavMeshed and follower friendly

Recommended 'partner' mod: Amgepo & Emm's 'Spouses Can Live Anywhere'


Named for the Rorikstead Frostfruit Inn, the manor house, drygoods store and stables lie just east of that village.

Fruitfrost Manor is decorated in Upper Nordic style - no posh Noble furniture here.

There a total of 12 different rooms in the main manor house:

The Great Hall
- Player throne
- 4 x mannequins
- 6 x shield plaques
The War Room
- A place for you to plan your next quest
- One 3 x 18 bookshelf
The Library
- Four 3 x 18 bookshelves
- Enchanting table
- Alchemy table
- 3 x safe storage chests
Advisor's Room
- A place for Aeldar to rest his head
- 2 x safe storage barrels
House Guard's Room
- A place for Lagat to rest her head
- Archery and melee dummies
The Armory
- 8 x mannequins
- 12 x shield plaques
- 76 x weapon racks
- 2 x safe storage chests
The Dining Hall
- 2 x mannequins
- 8 x weapon racks
- One safe storage barrel
Player Bedroom
- Player Faction bed (spouse friendly)
- 2 x safe storage chests
Day Room
- One 3 x 18 bookshelf
Children's Room
- A place for Althea and Agnar to play with their toys
Servant's Quarters
- A place for Ildor, Eyolf and Lymvir to rest
- Two unowned followers, beds
- 3 x safe storage sacks

Frostfruit Drygoods Store
- Ta'cir is the Khajit merchant who lives here
- Rogdul is Ta'Cir's Orc husband; the merchant/smith

Frostfruit Stables
- Location map marker
- Just a place to keep your horse(s)
- Cannot buy horses here!!!


Non-playable Characters:

- your Nord advisor
- can be found in the Great Hall, the War Room or the Library
- your Orc house guard
- can be found in the Great Hall, or practicing her archery in her room
- your Nord farm labourer
- can be found working the Frostfruit Far in Rorikstead
- your Nord yard labourer
- can be found cutting and delivering wood and working the smelter
- your Nord house servant
- can be found cooking, cleaning and hanging around the Manor
Althea & Agnar
- your Nord children
- can be found in playing in their room (with their toys, not each other)
- Khajit merchant
- Works the drygoods store
- Orc smith/merchant
- Works the forge

All NPC are scripted to 'appear busy' but no 'custom' dialogue etc.
All NPC have set meal and sleep times as well as their 'duties'
As with all SkyRim NPC AI, these guys sometimes do odd things . . .


Known conflicts:
Anything that modifies the landscape of the two cells east of Rorikstead where the buildings are situated.


Known Issues:
Wandering mannequins (BethSoft, not me!!!)
Major neck seams - can anyone tell me how to permanently cure this? 'setnpcweight' is only temporary . . .


Bethesda Softworks


Free to use in any quest cycle (ownership quest, radiant quest etc.) as long as my mod is credited and this Nexus page is listed. However, you are not free to just 'cut and paste' the assets of this mod - your 'quest' must be dependent on this mod. This means that you must direct players to download this mod (to get the assets), followed by your mod (to get the quest.) Groovy?

Play hard, be well. ;)