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The lost elves of the underground. Featuring a new Child Race!

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[size=30]Drow Race BETA[/size]2.1b

I'm not dead! I'm just unable to work on the project anymore. I give full permission to distribute to Digitalmax. Speak to him if you wish to continue to work on this project.

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The Drow race is known for being dark and mysterious. Children are set out into the world to experience the harshness of battle and strife. When they mature they become assassins and mages of great power. Due to their pure bloodline Children remain small for a very long time and are immune to disease and poison. However at the turn of 100 Years they become mature and loose that gift, but once they are an adult they gain the power and experience they honed while facing the world. And a gift to persuade lesser races into whatever they want.

This is a stand alone race. No files are replaced!

This is still somewhat Beta. Male Gender now released!


: Drow Race Adult and Child
: Default Spells and Powers are unique to the race
: Unique skin textures and head!
: Unique abilities and spells
: Works with Apachii hair.


OK I know everyone wants these so i'll add them in periodically. Check this often!

Version 2.1b

¤Texture fixes for male
¤New head meshes for adult and child drow!
¤Removed redundant shout
¤Adjusted some spells slightly
¤Added more hair colors
¤Males can use more eye colors
¤Added male child presets
¤Fixed adult male neck
¤Female Drow ears now look more adult
¤Male child looks younger

Version 2.0b

¤Male Gender Released!
¤Other thigns I can't remember right now.

Version 1.9.4b
¤Scaled Levels of Companions to be lower
¤Rebalanced spells again now you need expert and master to use stronger ones.
¤Adjusted child height again
¤Removed broken file directory to body.
¤Adjusted Starting skills and spells
¤Fixed white heads?

Version 1.9.3b
¤Fixed Companion to follow
¤Changed starting skills to be lower and more balanced
¤Changed spells to be less PWNAGE
¤Working on fixing white head drow companions.
¤Added Missing Race compatibility files

Version 1.9.2b
¤2 companions added!
¤New spells!
¤Night eye power works now!
¤1st person fixed!

Version 1.9b
¤Changed night eye to a power to avoid game break.
¤Changed UNP Textures
¤Changed Head mesh to remove seam.
¤Added 2 companions to the game. Go find them!
¤Added more spells.

Version 1.8b
¤Fixed all body problems including redskin
¤Added preview of male head mesh that failed :D
¤Child race now has a separate body! No big bewbies!
¤Forced underwear so that you cannot be naked. That's right. >:O
¤Adult Drow Race now can be sexy without the child Drow looking weird.
¤Fixed Seam on the neck.
¤Corrected holes in the neck caused from verticals being too high.
¤Gimi your opinions!

Version 1.7b
¤Tried to separate from nakedskin file caused crash due to all races being removed?
¤Drow power changed to castable
¤Meddling in other's affairs
Version 1.3-5b
¤Night eye power *Was glitchy*
¤Separated working files from bad files
¤Lots of Crashes!
¤Height changes for adult and child races
¤bow and arrow skeleton fix

Version 1.2.10b
¤Correcting Night eye times
¤Fixed CTD caused by bad skeleton directory
¤Added Optional UNP texture download
¤Height corrections to adult race

Version 1.2b
¤Fixed seams on hands. Caliente's hands were too wide.
¤Changed tones to match the body better.
¤Changed all hair colors in the slider.
¤Created a few more presets.
¤Added Night activated Night eye ability with no tint.
¤Removed extra files.
¤"Cleansed" Compatibility mod
¤Hopefully cleared the mess made on release. AND skin hopefully isn't discolored.
¤Added to Nord Hair race so you can change your frikkin hair now.

: Being in the sun prevents sleep.
: Working Male Gender.
: In Game NPCs
: Possible quests?
: Companions!
: Custom Drow Spells and Perks?
: Alternative Werewolf Transformation?
: Character camera being lower?

Tell me if your glitch is not here.

: Possible weapons being in the wrong place on Child Race. [Fixed]
: Current Head mesh for the Male is now all chopped up. [Fixed!]
: CTD? Tell me if you get this. [Companions caused this.]
: Permanent hair? [Fixed]
: Description is a bit long. [Fixed]
: Seams, there are some. [Being worked on]
: Weapon sizes. [Fixed.]
: Discoloration on the body and head. [Fixed]
: First person camera gets stuck at adult height. [untested, I can't get the camera to even change on it's own]
: Night Eye spell was crazy like it was on speed or something. [Fixed]
: Skills need to be more balanced? [in progress- semi fixed]
: Missing Heads [Caused by head mesh updates]
: Red Heads? [Fixed]
: Complexion removes spectral. [Complexion removed]
: Leveler's Tower not working? [idgi]
: UNP Bodies have misplaced nipples. [FIXED WITH UNP TEXTURE DOWNLOAD]
: Fur Hoods mod makes you bald. [Tell him to allow default race]
: Mystic Tails not showing up. [I can't fix this. Tell him to set to default race so any race can use it]
: Hair mods not showing up. [Fixed]
: Can't make child race naked. [GOOD you shouldn't]
: Spells and arrows firing from above? [fixed]
: Crosshair too hight/low [I recommend real 1st person to fix this]
:Missing heads. [can be fixed with showracemenu or setrace]
:CTD from companion opening doors [Load Order is wrong or conflicting, either way it's bugged]

1. Download the main file and updates if necessary.
2. Add with NMM (If not then it's ok to add manually to your Skyrim directory. No files are replaced.
3. Enable Race Compatibility.esm and ZazimelDrow.esp/zazemel drow.esp in your data files in the launcher or in NMM. (lol yeah I misspelled my own name in a rush. :>)


: Unless stated do not tell nmm to update *it replaces the zip*
: Download Update file
: If you use NMM place into the Data folder of the zip file
: If not, replace the files by dragging them into Data of you Skyrim folder.


[size=10]:CREDITS:[/size]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~
Special thanks to Mitheledh !
And thanks to everyone else who is helping with this mod.

Head Mesh created by ning999
Male Head Mesh soon to come will be by me.

Hands & CBBE by Caliente

Teen Race Mod by simplesim (In screenshots)

Fem Feet by Phygit

Perfect Necks Seam Fix Body Replacer CBBE UNP by Howlest (Only in the optional file)

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii (Enabled you guys to use it)

Hair Pack by newermind43 (Screenshots)

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 (For the Optional Texture)

And thanks to YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE for bringing these things to my attention. *Has ADD*

[size=10]Recommended Mods[/size]

Better Vampires by Brehanin 4_5 by Brehanin

Higher Magic DB CookQuest Fix by Pan Dragondagger --- aka - Rex1029
(This fixes the Dark Brotherhood Quest)

Younger Females - Realistic young female faces by Chanon

ADEC Drow by foooterman (Texture for ADEC Body)

Drow Retextures CBBEv3 by Digitalmax

Enhanced Character Edit by tktk

Summon Spawn of Loloth by angelmeats