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Added: 26/11/2011 - 06:21PM
Updated: 29/11/2011 - 02:34AM

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ImmersiveUI Lockpick Plus

Messages have been conquered. Working on Map next. Map will most likely only have major icons visible such as Castles, Towns/Cities, Stones. Caves, Mines, Camps will be excluded as well as almost everything else.

Version 1.2
Removed Buttons and Text as well as lock level in lockpicking menu
Disabled Steal Horse, Pickpocket, Unlock, Steal, Activate, Use, Open, Search, Locked, Sit, Talk, Take, Harvest, Read, Close, Ride and Empty Text.
Disabled Message for encumberance for both followers and player.
Disabled Level Up message reminder.

Silent Sounds for Discovery, Quest Updates, Level Up, Skill Up as well as sneak attack and soul capture found here:

Optional File:
Removes all onscreen messages (Quest updates, item added or removed, caught pickpocketing, door requires key, etc..)
Removes sneak icon and hidden and detected text as well as all HUD elements (Arrow Count, Weapon Enchant, Stamina, Magicka) Health is still visible.
Removes Location discovered and location text.
Removes item and weight values when hovering as well as key prompts. Leaves Item names in when hovering.

Optional File (Map):
Removes 14 Icons from Map to enhance feeling of exploration and the unknown.
Icons Removed: Crypts, Towers, Watchtowers, Mines, Stables, Camps, Cabins, Passes, Wheat Mill, Nord Camps, Nord Towers, Giant's Camps, Orc Holds, Farms, Shipwrecks.
No fast travel to any icons/locations that have been removed.

Install: extract to skyrim game directory

Uninstall: Remove immersiveUI_LockpickPlus.esp from data folder, remove from data>interface>exported folder, remove lockpickingmenu.swf from data>interface folder

Optional Install: extract optional to skyrim game directory

Optional Uninstall: Remove hudmenu.gfx from data>interface>exported, Remove map.swf from data>interface folder.

Files Included:


Special Thanks:
0rava for making this tutorial: