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8/9/2012 Update Notes:
Version 1a and 2a upgrades Savos's magical damage output to be more on par with Master level destruction spells. The damage output of his previous version was only on par with adept level damage. Use version 1a and replace the older file in you data folder if you prefer having a 24 hour recast timer. Use version 2a if you do not want the 24 hour recast timer.

*******Version 2 Update*************
Notes: Version 2 removes the 24 ingame hour recast timer to allow the player to summon Savos indefinitely. Will keep version 1 available for those who want to keep the 24 hour casting limit.

To summon Savos, you enter the Arch Mage’s quarters after completing the College’s quest line. The tome is located under the table where you find Savos reading his book. This ability is similar to the Dark Brotherhood's Summon Spectral Assassin ability, and has a recast timer of 24 ingame hours.

Savos is equipped with the following skills:

1. Lightning Beam: Fires a beam of pure electric energy at the opponent and disintegrates the foe upon death.
2. Frost Wave: Fires a concentrated wave of frozen energy and has a chance of freezing the opponent.
3. Greater Flames: Fires a concentrated blast of flames and has a chance of demoralizing the target.
4. Summon Dremora Lord Dregas Volar from Morrowind. During combat Dregas is capable of unleashing a force of fiery energy to weaken his opponents. He will also blast defeated enemies for entertainment.
5. Ancestor’s Wrath Dunmer racial ability.
6. Grand Healing restoration spell.
7. Steadfast Ward alteration spell.
8. Modified Magicka stats.
9. Custom combat style that utilizes the environment for covering from projectiles and ambush attacks.
10. Lightfoot perk to avoid triggering traps.
11. Savos starts at level 25 and levels up as the player progresses.

Note: Savos’s damage output is really high but because of his mage class, his health is very low. He cannot take a lot of damage so it is important to keep the aggro to avoid his early demise. His Dregas summon can partially tank also. Using strategy will make this summon and the player a very effective team. He will not cast his shock spells until the player is at higher levels.

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