Snowberry Cottage by Nick75
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Snowberry Cottage

This is a small purchasable cottage located in a wooded area in The Pale, a short distance south of Dawnstar. It has a small basement plus storage, bookshelf (which is the wall shelf above where the 3 barrels are), personal safe, weapon rack, alchemy table & enchanter. The cottage is known in the area to have previously been inhabited by an Imperial couple, who have since been driven out by Stormcloaks. Note that the basement has been designed in a half-timbered style, having similarities with Imperial/Cyrodiilic house architecture.

House purchase cost is 5000 gold.

Interiors are fully navmeshed & lighting carefully optimized.

All storage containers, including barrels & alchemy satchels, can be used for safe storage. The safe key can be found on the table opposite the front entrance.

A big thank you to Ka3mOn for considering Snowberry Cottage to be featured on his Skyrim GEMS site.


v1.1 - the cupboard facing the wrong way has been corrected & have added clutter to its shelves.
Issue with flickering lights fixed and lighting further optimised. Weapon rack added. Shadows cast by the fire now more subtle & IMO more realistic and no longer cast onto the ceiling. Basement lighting made more realistic - changed to more appropriate imagespace so now generally darker in areas that light doesn't reach, as it would be in a basement that doesn't receive any sunlight. Extra floor candelabra and end table added.

v1.2 - Half-timbering and white plastered walls added to improve the look of the basement. Basement lighting improved.

v1.3 - The house is now purchasable for 5000 gold. If you don't want a purchasable house, then just stick with v1.2, as no other alterations to the mod have been made. Previously stored items will not be affected by v1.3, but obviously you'll now need to buy the property first before you can access your stored items...

v1.31 - This is an essential update that corrects the incorrect file paths in the .bsa file from v1.3. The 'for sale' sign should now show up in game.

A big thank you also to EmadWasfi and svaalbard for kindly providing the following videos for this mod:



Modder's resources used in this mod

The purchase house script and 'for sale' sign are the work of berticus0001, who kindly made these available as a modder's resource ('Bert's Bits And Bobs Resources For Modders')