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Last updated at 8:59, 4 May 2012 Uploaded at 15:58, 2 May 2012

Current Version
version 1.1

Before you Update
Please empty all containers in the house, go outside and stand on the path, then hard save (not quick save).
While your items should be safe, I cannot guarantee they will be, plus outside has modified terrain and we could end up with people loading up and finding themselves in or below the new terrain.

Last Update
    • New and Improved Exterior - Lovely area overlooking the waterfalls and a stable for your horse.
    • Rearranged interior storage.
    • New chest under the bookshelf.
    • New Hanging racks with meat and some herbs etc.
    • No new portal to the nether world mysteriously hidden under the doormat.
    Hands and eyes

    A convenient, easy to access, early to reach, lore-friendly, realistic player home with a ton of storage. Brilliant for new characters and those that don't agree with over the top or ridiculously sized houses.

    I personally need a lot of different storage to organize everything, and I'm usually rammed full of items by the time I get to Riverwood. But because the first house you can buy is well beyond your price range, and I feel uncomfortable using the place you can stash things in Riverwood, I made this delightful place on the path to Whiterun.

    I spent some time sorting the navmesh, that should be clean, I've not had any problems yet, followers can follow you in. You can quick travel to it, thought you do end up nose to the door at the moment, might change that, and in theory your horse should appear there too, like most other locations (not tested as yet.). Nothing respawns, so you wont need to worry about storing things.

    Any problems let me know, and suggestions are most welcome. Not that I see any reason why anyone would want to, but absolutely no flaming, trolling etc.

    Future Plans
    • Fix whatever bugs appear, if any.
    • Some story and a way to unlock/earn the house.
    • Modify the house based on suggestions from users.
    • Think about cleaning the file up :P

Simply click "Download with Mod Manager" then activate "Homes - Abandoned Hunters House" in NMM.

If you don't have NMM, get it, makes life much easier, theres links on the front page.

Manual Install
To install manually simply find you Skyrim install location with TESV.exe file in it. This should be in your steam install directory under Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim

Then simply drag and drop the Data folder from the downloaded .7z file into the Skyrim folder. It should ask if you want to merge the Data file (if not you've got the wrong location), click yes. It shouldn't need to overwrite anything unless your re-installing this mod.

Load up Skyrim and then check that the Nexuswolf - Abandoned Hunters House.esp is activated under Data Files.

Done :)

Change Log
version 1.1
New exterior
- Fishing porch by the waterfall (not that you can fish in Skyrim, more's the pity)
- Stable
- New Entrance
- Wood Chopping Block
Modified Interior
- Moved several containers around
- New chest beneath the bookcase
- Altered lighting, should be brighter now
- Racks with hanging rabbit, 2 pheasants, 1 elf ears, 2 garlic braids and 1 frost mirriam.

None yet.