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All the time you meet Illdi she always complaining about how lonely she feels and trying to make you feel guilty for it, and how she Complains that people hate her at the bard collage so at least now she have a sister, although she still complains when you meet her..

Ylldi is the oldest sister and the more adventured one, she is also a trained assassin.
Merriable: Yes
Follower:yes, she uses 2h weapons
Such as, bow or daggers.
Default clothing:None, since i assumed players want to outfit her
Inventory:2 Daedric daggers

- She loves the player
- Illdi´s sister obviously

You can find Ylldi inside (The Bee And Barb) In Riften. She will mostly sit at the table and eat,
or stand next to the front entrence and exit.
If you can't find her type in the console by pressing §: player.moveto 2e040000

To make the body parts such as "chest" and "butt" more jiggly, for those armors that supports it

To make the body fit some new clothes

To make the skin look more "life like"

I would highly suggest to use this OPTIONAL Replacer, if you are like me and think it look´s wierd with completely nude npc´s when you take their loot "clothes"

This is a hairpack mod from Tera online game and is needed, unless you want a bold Ylldi and Illdi

Great hairpack that is needed

To make Ylldi look as in the picture, i used the (Pretty Face Pack with Enhanced Character Edit)

If you want to outfit Ylldi to look as in the picture

The blue dress if you want, it's not a must to use it

Got tired of Njada talking trash to the player about how she had to agree to the companions that i joined, and how she tell that it doesn't mean she likes it, and etc.
Also got tired of how badly her look was, and her choise of armor. She is the only vikinglike woman in whiterun with that attitude and also the most fitted for the the steel armor.

Same Requirements as above

New Look for Aela The Huntress
Got tired of her big tattoo covering her whole face, especially with a dark color.
Added a new hair to her

Same Requirements as above

Lina is Lydias sister and also Jordis the swordmaidens cousin

Lina can be found in Solitude at the Winking Skeever (The Inn)
Sitting and eating at the tables or standing next to the wall at the entrence/exit

Lina is a nord and a former blade recruit and therefore
is equipped with The blades outfit
she is also a 1H warrior:
Such as 1 handed blade, and shield
Lina have one blind eye and scars from ancient battles during the times of the Blades

Akaviri Katana
Blades Boots
Blades Cuirass
Blades Gauntlet
Blades Helmet
Blades Shield

- Lydia's Sister obviosly
- Jordis the swordmaidens cousin
- Loves the player

Same requirements as above but i really recommend this mod
The lovely eyepatch that look so good on her