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This Mod is for all the Skyrim and Lord of the Rings Fans. This Mod adds Characters inspired in the Lord of the Rings Fantasy World to Skyrim. It also gives you the possibility of playing Skyrim has a Dwarf or an Halfling. I Hope that all the fans of this two fantasy worlds like the mod. Feel free to comment and give ideas. If you really liked

Permissions and credits
The Fellowship of the Ring Mod contains the following files:

These files add the following characters to Skyrim:

Frodo Sam Merry & Pippin.esp

The next files allow you to play the game in different ways:

Sam Merry & Pippin.esp - If you want to play has Frodo.

Halfling Race.esp - Allows you to play has an Halfling, without the followers.

Dwarf.esp - Allows you to play has a Dwarf, without the followers.

Note: Gimli.esp / Sam Merry & Pippin.esp and Frodo Sam Merry & Pippin.esp still allow you to play either has a Dwarf or an Halfling if you want to.

Dwarf and Halfling races:

The Dwarf Race that i've Updated has:

Skill Bonus:

Smithing - 10
Two Handed - 10
Heavy Armor - 5
Enchanting - 5
Speech - 5


Race Dwarf Smithing Ability: Improves your Smithing by 50% for 60 sec.
Race Orc Berserk: You do double the damage and receive half the
damage for 60 sec.

The Halfling Race that i've Updated has:

Skill Bonus:

Alchemy - 10
Sneak - 5
One Handed - 5
Pickpocket - 5
Light Armor - 5
Speech - 5


Race Halfling Alchemy Ability: Improves your Alchemy by 50 % for 60 sec.
Race Wood Elf: 50% Disease and Poison resistance.

Note: This new update will also allow you to play the female version of these races.

This Mod does not had any armor or weapons of the Lord of the Rings because there are already many mods out there that adds these items to the game and most or all of them are craftable in the game; so i think that this adds a more quest feel to this mod if you craft them in the game will you are playing.
I've tried to make the characters resemble the ones from the movies the best that i could.
All the gear that they bring is from the world of Skyrim.
I've tried also to give the characters the clothes and the weapons that could resemble the ones that they had in the movies.

I will try to update this mod in any way i can if i have the time to do so; and i will also recomend the mods that i think are the ones that make the characters look more like the ones in the movies.
I will update pictures of my characters and writte down the mods that i'm using in them.

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy the mod.