Barbarian Loincloths by Viltuska
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Added: 30/04/2012 - 11:43AM
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Barbarian fur Armor 2.0
by Viltuska

This is a very simple mod that adds 6 craftable loincloths (males only). First one uses the executioner armor as a base. To get these armors, go to a forge and select the Leather and Hide tab, the fur loincloth and the rest should be there. They use the inventory model from the vanilla fur armor. You need one bear pelt, corundum ingot, leather and leather strips to craft the fur loincloth garment. The Reachman's loincloth requires sabre cat pelt instead of Bear pelt. The tundrastrider requires Snow Tiger pelt. The Atmoran loincloth requires one steel ingot (+ leather and strips). The armors are slightly better than the bandit fur armor, son nothing overpowered. The new hide loincloth requires deer hide, corundum ingot, leather and leather strips. The leather loincloth requires leather, leather strips and an iron ingot.
Here's a similar mod for female characters: