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This mod adds 2 new daggers to the game located in the dark brotherhood sanctuary (just inside the door to the left).
They are also craftable with the ebony smithing perk.

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For the Brotherhood Daggers v1.2

Reason for this mod:

The reason is two fold actually on this mod.

Firstly I see plenty of swords, axes, maces, etc but felt that the daggers have been a bit left out.

My thought is a stealthy character would much rather have a pair of daggers to do their 'Dirty Work' than a Greatsword.

Secondly I received my first (and only) donation from the Nexus site. That DID inspire me to want to mod more.

Often us modders receive requests to make something specific or tweak what we already have created to suit someone's individual taste.

Not often do we receive a donation with nothing more than a 'Thank you' attached to it.

You know who you are, and this is my way of saying 'Thank you for your very kind donation when thousands of others have not'

You truly are a shining soul, and I hope you enjoy these.

What this mod does:

This mod adds 2 unique daggers to the game.

They are craftable using the Ebony smithing perk, and can be improved.

Where are they?

They are on either side of the dark brotherhood sancuary door (inside) so yes you'll have to be a member to get them for free.

How powerful are they?

They are slightly more powerful than Daedric daggers, and slightly lighter.

They do not carry any enchantment but can accept one.

Installation instructions:

Unpack the 7zip file to a known location (like desktop)

Open the folder, and find the folder labeled 'Data'

Either copy/ paste or drag, and drop it into your Skyrim folder which is normally locaed at C:SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim

When prompted by windows to overwrite files with the same name answer, "Yes to All"

Start Skyrim.

In the data directory at the beginning place a checkmark by the 'For the Brotherhood Daggers.esp'

Play and enjoy them. :)

Uninstallation instructions:

[Not sure why anyone would want to do this but here goes]

Disable, and remove the .esp

Run a search for "FTB Dagger" within Windows Explorer.

Delete the 2 folders with that name (one located in textures with 3 files, and one in meshes with 2 files).

Commonly asked questions:

Q:Why is there squiggly lines on the blade?

A:It's called Damascus steel. Repeatedly heated, pounded, and folded to create some very strong, and durable blades.

Q:Is the loop that holds the blade lower?

A:Yes. It was done this way to keep from clipping with the blade when sheathed, and so they blade would be in the proper location in the hand when using.

Q:What does the script on the blade say?

A: "Kill your targets quickly, and quietly for the brotherhood"

Q:What is the meaning of life?

A:When you figure that one out let me know :p

Version History:

1.0 initial release

1.1 reworked location of first person model so that it doesn't clip through the fingers when looking down

1.2 reworked 1st person blood effects to better line up with blade (No flicker). Update readthis with 'Known issues section'. Reworked edgeblood meshes to include trianglar blade piece thats on the side (blood will appear on it now).

Known Issues:

Because this blade is set up in the construction set for either hand (rather than one hand only) it may appear as sheathed on the side when switching via hotkeys between using dual daggers, and a different weapon + one dagger.


The shape of this dagger is based upon a fantasy dagger you can buy called


Credit to Robert Shiflett for design of the shape.


None, Nada, Ziltch without contacting me FIRST to ask my permission.

Been having some issues with permissions as of late so NONE will be granted for anything regarding this mod UNTIL I AM ASKED.

Author's Note:

This mod is dedicated to my beautiful (and very understanding) wife, and her battle against cancer.