Banish Undead by Seraephus
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Added: 30/04/2012 - 04:46AM
Updated: 24/05/2012 - 11:00PM

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Banish Undead by Seraephus

Adds 4 new spells to Calcelmo in Understone Keep, Markarth. These spells will banish undead of varying levels. Yes, it's a little overpowered. But if you choose to use it on every undead you see, you wont get any loot. You have been warned.

This mod comes in two flavors: Conjuration and Restoration. THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE - USE ONLY ONE. They have different names, so you can keep both in your Data folder (i.e. You have a Conjuration character and a Restoration character).

Banish Lesser Undead - 150 Magicka - Apprentice Conjuration: Banishes Undead up to level 10
Banish Undead - 300 Magicka - Adept Conjuration: Banishes Undead up to level 25
Banish Greater Undead - 600 Magicka - Expert Conjuration Perk: Banishes Undead of all levels (untested above level 50)
Purge Undead - 800 Magicka - Master Conjuration: Banishes all Undead within a medium range (35 feet)

The stats of the Restoration version are exactly the same.

Future Plans
Customize art and effects
Banish runes/walls/fields

5/24 -0.2b- Implemented Restoration version

4/30 -0.1b- Implemented perk levels
'Banish Undead' is now named 'Banish Greater Undead'
Added 3 additional spells

4/29 -0.a- Initial Release

Other Info
-This hasn't been tested above level 60, if you run into problems, please contact me.

Contact Info
[email protected]
I'm on the Nexus as XGeneofArgoX
I'm on steam as [S31] Seraephus -- I do not use the steam workshop, however.

Usage Rights
You are free to modify, distribute*, and patch... just credit me.

*Do not upload to steam workshop. It's buggy and annoying to me, so I don't ever plan on using it.