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Rask Reise

Berre den som vandrar, finn nye vegar

Adds five new spells to the game for easy transport to player homes. The spells are learned from tomes found within the bedroom of each vanilla home. All of the spells are found under Alteration and start with "Reise" for grouping.

Helped a friend with a transport spell for a house he was building. He suggested I put together some for the vanilla homes... so here it is! There are some similar mods out there yet I think this can still fill a niche.

Griptzion's Teleportation Spell with menu gives you many, many options for locations you may not have visited yet. Rask Reise is a bit more plain but it does allow you to pick and choose what goes in your spell book. Fast Travel to Your House by Togetic and Volek's Player Home Map Markers add very convenient icons to the world map. Yet you can only Fast Travel when outside and are not in combat. Rask Reise is usable anywhere and anytime you can cast a spell. It takes you directly inside the home so you don't load city resources.

If there's any interest I can add more places like the guild rooms, spouse property, or other safe locations.

[ Requirements ]
None, other than the game itself

[ Installation Instructions ]
For simplicity's sake use a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager.
For manual installation place "Rask Reise.esp" and "Rask Reise.bsa" into Skyrim/Data folder. Be sure "Rask Reise.esp" is checked in the Data Files portion of the Skyrim launcher.

[ Uninstallation Instructions ]
Delete "Rask Reise.esp" and "Rask Reise.bsa" from the Skyrim/Data folder or inactivate it in your mod manager.

[ Incompatability ]
Any mod that replaces the interior of a home will not work with Rask Reise. Something like "Sky-KEA" will work fine while "Itty Bitty Breezehome" will not.

[ Known Issues ]
* After arriving at a home the world map isn't updated with your new location until you exit the home. Looking into it. =)

[ Credits ]
Bethesda Softworks for creating another excellent TES game.
All the helpful people on the forums at and

[ Licensing ]
There are currently no assets associated with this mod. Feel free to use these spells in other mods or compilations. Please notify me you if your are doing so and mention me in your credits.