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Added: 30/04/2012 - 03:58AM
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Last updated at 22:29, 8 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 3:58, 30 Apr 2012

This is my first mod on Nexus. Go easy on me if I forgot/screw up something.

This mod adds a none-replacer retexture version of the ancient nord armor. More specifically, it adds one armor fitted for all race, gender and size, and this armor is offered in 4 favors: Ancient, heavy version of the armor, Light, light version of the armor, Powered, heavy version of the armor with enchantment pre-chosen by me, and Ascended, which is the light version with enchantments.

This armor is not found anywhere, but it can be crafted by anyone at any forge. No perks requirement, not even for tempering the enchanted versions.

List of enchantments:
Boots - 30% faster movement speed
Gauntlets - 30% more damage with destruction magic and one-handed weapons
Armor - 25% magic resistance
Helmet - 150 % regen of both stamina and magicka
(you CAN disenchant the item, but not re-enchant them back on another item. So yeah, don't break your toys for nothing)
If you want a speed enchantment you can put anywhere, check this mod out:
If you want a fortify destruction damage enchantment you can put anywhere, check this mod out:

On the subject of armor rating: Since the ancient nord armor (which is the original version) kind of sucks, I decided to double the armor rating for the heavy version. For the light version, I kept the rating as is, but halfed the weight.

Keep in mind, I play and balance in expert. So yeah, some of you might find it a tad OP.

The recipe is in-game, just check at the closest forge under the "daedric" category.

Don't be shy, leave a comment, leave an endorsement if you like the mod.

Remember, report every bugs related to my armor.

UPDATE 1.9: Added two colors, green and blue, because why the hell not. I may just add a better glowing effect, and changing the colors gave me a reason to open GIMP again.

I highly suggest you modify your color of runing yourself if you can/want. Customization is always awesome. Sure, it wont be lore-friendly anymore, but who cares?

As always, enjoy.

Installation: take the "draugr" folders in the zip and put them in the respective "armor" folder.

skyrim > data > textures/meshes > armor > [draugr folders goes here]