The Hunters Arsenal by RADIALTHRONE1
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A set of forest camo hunting gear. Creates a new set of leather armor, hunting bow, and iron dagger, all re-textured with different shades of green to give them that foresty feel. To be clear, this does NOT re-texture ALL items, just this specific set. It should also be compatible with all vanilla races.

The new gear also has and increased armor/damage amount, and a corresponding increase in value.
It also replaces the generic hunters armor and weapons with the new gear. I mean, they're hunters right? Shouldn't they have hunting gear too? The answer is yes. Yes they should.

The gear can be found at "Hunter's Rest" to the North West of Falkreath. It's inside a chest inside the cabin. Look at the pictures if you don't know where to go. Or if your really lazy, pull up the console (~) and type "imabigfatlazybum"

Also available on the Steam Workshop. Check the mirror tab for the link.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know!



Initial release


Recreated the textures (should be darker, havent updated pictures yet)
Added special versions of gear with appropriate enchantments.