Fire Dancer Retreat - Home in the Reach by Cynster
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The Fire Dancer Retreat is a manor located in the Reach just east of Markarth. It was previously owned by an eccentric alchemist interested in growing her ingredients in the basement. For a long time she lived there as a hermit shut-in until the Markarth city officials grew concerned by the vines growing over the house, the thatched roof coming to life, and leaks springing from the stones. They sent in a heath inspector who immediately condemned the house. It's said the alchemist just vanished, leaving everything behind. The house reaks of mold, fungus and plants are invading, part of the basement is leaking water, but you seem to find a bit of charm in it. Like a mother's love, you discard the eviction notice and make the house your own.

* Dwemer Heating System
* Spa
* Servants Quarters
* Large Kitchen
* Library
* Amory
* Living room
* Bedroom
* Smithing area
* Enchanting area
* Alchemy work station and garden
* Walk-in Indoor garden / secret area to keep your valuables
* Outdoor zen garden

Thank you Unthray for the video review! You guys can check it out in the video section!

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