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A simple tool to manage multiple characters. Simply start the program, check the settings and the program will do the rest


Pad: Select with the Stick, any button will start the game

Mouse: Select with move in any direction, left button will start the game

Keyboard: Select with the cursor keys. Space/Return wil start the game
press delete twice to delete a character
press c twice to clone a character


Simple decompress the 7z in any folder and start the SaveManager.exe
The Program will first ask for a Save-Game (you should found it under \my documents\my games\skyrim\saves), then for the game-execute (c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\TESV.exe).

Additional Settings:

Open the SaveManager.ini:

; Needed Parameters:

SaveFolder = D:\Eigene Dateien\My Games\Skyrim

; This is the folder, where all the save games are located

StartProgram = steam://rungameid/72850

; This Commandline will be launched, when you start a game. This can be a exe, a
; link, a bat-file. In this example it start the Steam-Game 72850 (Skyrim)

;Optional Parameters:

StartPath = C:\Spiele\skyrim\

; When you have problem with skse_loader, add the path to skse_loader/skyrim

FontTitle = Baby Kruffy
FontText = Asimov

; Change the Font for the Title/Name of the save and the text

PackFiles = 10

; When on launch in a Directory found more than (10+2) SaveGames, all older
; Savegames will be packed in a saves.7z, only the latest 10 Savegames (without
; autosave and quicksave) will remain. This will save much space.

BackupSaves = 1

; Every time, when a autosave or a quicksave is created, this save will be
; backuped. Warning: You need much space on your HDD!


; What should happend with the Backup after the Game is closed?
; 1= Delete the backup from autosaves, keep all Quicksaves-Backups
; 2= Delete the backup from quicksaves, keep all autosaves-Backups
; 3= Delete all backups
; 4= Keep all backups (default)

SkipLauncher = 1

; This option should automatic press the start-button on the Skyrim-Launcher

;SkipLauncherClass = #32770
;SkipLauncherWindow = Skyrim
;SkipLauncherChild = 5

; This values identified the Launcher-Window-Name, Class and the number
; of the Start-Button. Normaly you don't need this values.

Optional Install:

When you copy a "SkyrimBooks_Gaelic.ttf" in the directory of the save manager, this font will be used for headlines (Font can be found here:
You can modified the Background, when you edit the background.jpg.

How it work:

The program renames the folder simply "Skyrim / saves" according to the selected character, so the game can only see the savegames of the current character.