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While playing Skyrim I noticed the taverns tended to be a little drab and alike. So I set out on a journey to give them a bit of variation, by changing layouts, adding areas and also putting in some more NPCs to give the taverns less of a desolate look. Navmesh has been reworked for all taverns that I have done which include (From what I remember...):

Sleeping Giant Inn- Riverwood
Frostfruit Inn- Rorikstead
Nightgate Inn- Near Windhelm
Moorside Inn- Morthal
Dead Man's Drink- Falkreath
Vilemyr Inn- Ivarstead
Four Shields Tavern- Dragon Bridge
Windpeak Inn- Dawnstar
The Frozen Hearth- Winterhold
Silver-Blood Inn- Markarth
Old Hroldan- Somewhere in The Reach
Bee and Barb- Riften
Candlehearth Hall- Windhelm


Once again spruced up most of the taverns, added paintings like suggested, added a few new rooms to different taverns and changed a couple of layouts. Once again nothing massive but I'm sure you already knew that. I think I might've shut that dog up in Four Shields Inn aswell...

As for this brawling issue, I believe it is slightly fixed, I know it is for Cosnach anyway, Uthgerd seems to be stubborn in wanting to brawl once again.

Thanks to Artisanix for the paintings which are scattered around the place :)


I have done a once-over in most taverns. Added some 'toilets' to some of them (non operational, of course!).

Candlehearth Hall has been changed a little too. Last but not least I forgot about poor Old Hroldan so gave it some love and made it look a bit more...well...old.

I would also recommend having a look at this mod which will fill out the taverns with some NPC travellers :)

If you have any improvements to mind, don't hesitate to give me a shout and I'll see what I can do!