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Allows you to run your own ciderhouse restaurant business. Please read description for more details.

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Allows you to run your own ciderhouse restaurant. Read further to get into details. It's not difficult once you know the basics, but content is complex and needs explanation and understanding.

Introduction to Ciderhouse

New lightning introduced in RC4

New waitress and food serve feature introduced in 1.0.0

Thanks to SilentQuim for porting this to SSE.

Conversion available here:

You can click version number (next to endorsements) for full list, or the version number on the Files section. Also, a plain text changelog is available here:

- Brew your cider, cook, and earn money with customers.
- Serve the food yourself to each customer, or hire a waitress
- Apple trees to gather fruits.
- 9 cider barrels, each one with its own fermentation process.
- Bottling machine.
- Ability to open or close the ciderhouse to customers.
- Notebook with your personal notes for tracking barrel status and other information.
- Place orders for meat, fish, bottles, etc...
- Get orders to sell bottled cider (jarls, tavers, citizens...).

The Ciderhouse is located right outside Whiterun, next to the Battle-Born farm area. Inside the ciderhouse you will find a journal. It will explain a bit the ciderhouse history, and some basics of how the system works. After this, you will get to control it. Keep in mind that until you read this journal, you can't place orders, receive orders, or open the ciderhouse to customers, as it's not yours.

First need apples. You can use green or red apples. You can get them harvesting your own trees (each one gives 8 apples per day), or get them adventuring around (shops, dungeons, etc.).

Apples will need to be placed in the apple press. You will need a minimum of 100 apples to be able to activate the press, but can place as many as you want. When activated, it will create apple juice. This process takes one day. After this is completed, you can move the juice to the decanter. The decanting process takes 2 days. Once finished, you can move the liquid to fermentation. To do this you will need to open the barrels.

Also, keep in mind that once the press is empty (liquid has been moved to decanter) you can again store and press apples. You won't be able to move the juice to the decanter until the previous decanting process is finished and the juice is moved to fermentation, but this will allow you to save some time if you want to fill another barrel.

You own 9 barrels, each with a unique name. Fermentation process takes 5 days. Before using the valve that moves liquid from decanter to barrels, you will need to open an empty barrel, or it will fail.

On the ciderhouse basement there is a bottling machine. It's filled with cider using 9 pipes coming from the barrels at the ciderhouse. You can open the valves you want individually. Cider contained on the barrels (if any) will be moved to bottling machine. Also, you will need to place empty cider bottles on the machine. Activate it and if everything is OK (you have cider and empty bottles), the machine will bottle the cider.

If you have 500 bottles and there's only cider for 200, then 200 bottles will be filled, and 300 will still be available at the machine. If you have 200 bottles and have cider for 300, then 200 bottles will be filled, and the remaining cider will be left there.

You can cook food at the kitchen, using the places designed for this (for now, the grill / oven). This food will allow you to earn money, as it's consumed by customers, as long as the ciderhouse is open, of course. Food cooked using the default system is not recognized by this mod, so you have to use the oven, because it allows you to select what to cook, and it's added to the ciderhouse menu inventory (the one the customers will use).

You can serve the food yourself picking food from the kitchen. Customers awaiting food will have a fork and knife on the table. You get paid for each plate you serve. You can also hire a waitress using a contract book located at Bannered Mare (Whiterun). Call her into the ciderhouse going to the shack she lives while contract is active, just behind the ciderhouse. To go back to work yourself and give her a break, just head to the kitchen and pick food.

You can place orders for food, bottles, etc... at different merchants, and the goods will be delivered directly at the delivery boxes located just outside the ciderhouse. Please read the journal at ciderhouse for more information on this.

This strongbox is located under the main counter. When used, it will contain the gold gathered from customers. They will consume an amount of food per day, so as long as you have something cooked, it will mean profit. You don't need to gather this gold daily, as it will be cumulative, so you can continue adventuring in Skyrim while the ciderhouse produces gold.

Right outside the ciderhouse, next to the main door, there's a small sign, represented by a toy-barrel, that allows you to open or close the ciderhouse. There are no official schedules, so you may keep it open 24/7/365, or close it whenever you want. A closed ciderhouse will not have any income, meaning that even if you have 2000 cooked venison chops, you will not sell any.

You can cook a big batch of venison chops and leave the ciderhouse open. Also, leaving it open without food inventory, won't have any negative effects, meaning that you won't lose money at all. For now, the only reason for closing it would be because you set your own schedules, or because you want to be left alone inside (to sleep, decorate, etc.)

You will be able to upgrade your ciderhouse (additional or improved items, decorations, etc.). For now, available upgrades are:
- 14 more apple trees (4000 each, so upgrade costs 56000 gold).

These upgrades are acquired using a book located at Dragonsreach, over a table near the Jarl. When selecting an upgrade you will be prompted with a confirmation message detailing the final amount to pay, so you can agree or cancel.

Please, notify me any problem you find. Something that doesn't seem to work as intended, or any bug, so I can try fixing it as soon as I can.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't place another house in this same area.
Also, cider is NOT compatible with drunk, thirst, or need mods. The reason is simple, it's an item created by this mod, that other mods can't recognize.

Japanese (by Solbianca):

Chinese (by 616365076):

Chinese (by maies2330):

There's a huge list of to-dos... but the main ones I would like to mention are:
.More food on the menu (fish, and other stuff).
.More upgrades.


Steam Workshop link: