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**Updated to Version 2.0** Newest Design by Lustrianna. Lore-Friendly, HD, Stand-Alone Sovngarde Steel Plate. CBBEv3, CHSBHC, UNP, CBBEv3M, UNPB and ADEC compatible.

Permissions and credits
Have questions about a modders permissions? Read their specific permission rules in the mod's description or under the "permissions and credits tab". Don't just assume things, that will get you banned. I'm taking some time off from modding Skyrim. I'll be back to update everything I have on the site once I've gotten over the burn-out., maybe when the new DLC comes out. Until then, the use of any of my meshes and textures is strictly prohibited. I may be taking a break from updating, but that wont keep me from checking up on all my mods regularly to be sure there is no one abusing or stealing my work. Thanks always for all of your support and continue to enjoy my mods!

1. UNPB Version now Live
2. ADEC Version now Live

Sovngarde Steel Version 2.0 includes all of the following features:
1. New Sovngarde Steel Shield - Made by Request.
2. Updated Meshes - Adding more armor to bring the whole suit together.
3. Updated Textures - Mainly all Belt and Panty textures re-painted to match.
4. Fixed Crafting Bugs - All Armor and Weapons are now Craftable, Temperable and Enchantable.

Firstly, to all my supporters:
Me love you long time!! Thanks so much for all the feedback, downloads, endorsements and donations! If you don't mind, visit my forum profile page and become a friend!

**To everyone having bugs with this armor:**
The only explanation is a mod you're using is conflicting with mine. When I and my friends use the armor we have no issues whatsoever. No invisible spells, no clipping issues, no invisible hands or such things. Except for the chest armor this armor uses vanilla meshes of steel plate, so there should be no issues.

**To everyone constantly posting up comments about this being a re-texture of Gatti's Queen's Blade armor:**
I got modding ownership of his Reina mesh and heavily edited the mesh and re-textured the chest, and built my own armor design around it. I only used the chest mesh, nothing else and I put credits to Gatti and a link to his mod up on my description page the first day I had this mod up so enough comments about it, please.

**To all the trolls and haters:**
Get over yourselves. People think modders just pop out mods like nothing, when in fact they take weeks to design and paint and require just as much talent as any artist, if not a little more since we texture painters don't have complete free use of our hands or a brush but are limited to painting with a mouse or stylus. Rather than taking a 1 second look at my mod and typing a paragraph worth of hate, try examining the details and design and appreciating the hard work put into it. If you think its not lore-friendly, or too skimpy, it was still made by me for YOUR entertainment and for you to use for FREE. So be grateful and just take it or leave it. Trolling wont change my mod or make me take down the armor, so just get over it.

**To everyone who forgets that there are comments PAST the first page**
I put a permanent copy of this comment on the description page, so it will still exist for those of you who cant see or understand the next page number button.

This newest armor design took my texturing skills to a whole new level, as all custom textures and shading were hand-painted from scratch. I'm particularly proud of the cloak. Its my own work tailored specifically to remove all clipping issues associated with every other cloak mod on the Nexus, so even if you dont like the armor, download it for the great new cloak!

This equipment mod is completely stand-alone and includes the following features:
1. Full suit of Craftable, Upgradable, Enchantable, Stand-Alone Sovngarde Steel Heavy Armor including Sword, Shield, Cloak and Amulet.

Acquire Instructions:
Armor and Weapons:
1. Craft: Everything is Craftable under the "Steel" section of the forge once you have "Steel Smithing" perk unlocked.
2. Console: Type "Help Sovngarde" into the console.

Install instructions:
1. Unzip The Sovngarde Steel.7z (Or just Install using Mod Manager and skip step 1 and 2)
2. Place all files within into your "Data" folder located in your Skyrim install directory.
3. Enable Sovngarde Steel .esp from within Mod Manager or Skyrim Launcher, and preferably place them at the bottom of your load order list.

Permission Notes:
Under no circumstances are any files within my mod, especially the textures which are mostly my own personal work, to be tampered with, edited or distributed without my very clear and valid consent. DONT EVEN LOOK AT IT! Just kidding. ;) Looking is fine, just no touchy. If you have advice for how I can better any armor design, please Message me, ill just ignore if its in comment form. Thanks!

Backsteppo- Linen Cloak Mesh
Gatti- Queens Blade Chest Mesh
RobidyBobidy - CHSBHC/ADEC Conversion
Jclyde6108 - UNP Conversion
Calyps - UNPB Conversion
MAK07- Steel Plate Boot Mesh, Panty Mesh