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Last updated at 4:18, 29 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 4:17, 29 Apr 2012

New Version Based on ENB .109 is on the way. .108 version is discontinued.

Uses ENB 0.108. I highly recommend reading everything below before downloading this config, it may save you some time.


This config is not designed with pretty screenshots in mind. While I think it looks great, it's foremost intent is to provide an ultra-immersive feel to the game.

To this end, the days are too bright and washed out, the nights are too dark. You will feel the sun on your face, and you will not get far from Breezehome if you forgot to pack a torch.

Dungeons are dark, but manageable without a torch, most of the time, this is because I kept missing loot when the torch wasn't directly over it. But trust me, they're still dark. I'm trying to simulate an environment lit solely by fire and candles, which means interiors are dark as well.

My Specs:

I'm running a mid-range desktop with a mid-range GPU:

AMD Phenomâ„¢ quad-core 2.3ghz
4gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 560 ti

ENB 0.102 runs like a slideshow, sub 30fps, even with SSAO and DOF disabled.

Using ENB 0.108 I can run 4x MSAA, SMAA, Transparency 2xSSAA, Nvidia Quality AO, with Ultra settings and only hit sub 30fps in heavy traffic.


Manual Installation ONLY -- Uses ENB 0.108

This config is designed with customization in mind, I'm uploading it here for advanced users.

ENB Anistrophic filtering 16x is enabled
Frame Limiter is set at 58 fps
proxy d3d9 is disabled, I use the injector version, allowing more flexibility for SMAA, ect...
If it's too bright for you, I highly recommend reducing daytime brightness through RLWC or the enbeffect.fx file.

I've cleaned up the enbseries.ini, all unused options have been removed. It has been customized to fit my needs. You should customize it to fit yours. If you have not browsed or edited an enbseries.ini, you probably shouldn't download this config.

ENB 0.108 TrueHDR is a limited version of ENB. This means it has limitations. It also has benifits.
Here are some of them:

1.No water or grass bug
2.Kick-ass performance
3.Distant Mountains often look like crap
4.Things don't look as "shiny".
5.No, you don't get SSAO or DOF
6.You still need to have bFloatPointRenderTarget set to 1

Don't bother leaving comments about how you hate this config, or how it broke your computer, corrupted your save, or burned down your house. I offer no support for ENB or RLWC. Back your stuff up and do your homework. I made this for myself, and am uploading this config for that one other guy out there who might like it. If he's happy, I'm happy. I seek no fame or fortune.

Full Disclosure:

If this config looks familiar, it should. I based large portions of this config on Superl3 ENB, which I would be using, if my rig could run it. I have leveraged several aspects of their config to produce the look i wanted, specifically their fire color, portions of their enbeffect.fx file, and several of their custom RLWC brightness and contrast settings to ensure compatibility with RLWC's adverse weather settings. Alakan and Sung do good work. I have tried every ENB config available on the interwebs, and IMO their config is still the king of realism, so I am unashamed to attempt to emulate their look using 0.108.


Boris Vorontsov - ENB Code Ninja
Alakan and Sung9533 of Superl3 ENB
HeliosdoubleSIX for his cobbled shader
Plutoman - 747823 - Leviathan1753 - Sydney666 of RLWC fame
Daemonui for pointing me in the right direction regarding color changes for RLWC


In no particular order, Matsuo, Confidence-Man, UnrealWarfare, Sharpshooter, tapioks, Stakado. I spent weeks studying your configs, without you guys I'd still be playing on vanilla.