Paladin by Owen Easter
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Update #2 : The race "Paladin" (name will change) has been added.
i dont think it has any bugs or errors but if you find any please tell me (:

Update #1 : thanks for not abusing the empty file and the few people who are going check back. i am almost finished a Alpha version of the Race.
the race description: You we're once a gurdian of the high throne ____
you have been cast out into the mortal land of Tamriel. you found your self in no mans land between Skyrim and cyrodil, as you crossed the border into skyrim you we're confused for a rebel of the strom cloak army and must try blend in until you can regain your strength and uncover your forgotten past.

New Race : Paladin
coming soon : Paladin weapons, armors and quests.
when the mod is finished, the main story will not begin and another story will take its place
(the high throne story line).

Restoration (Holy) : High
Damage (two handed) : Mid
Heavy Armor (Tank) : High
weaknesses and negatives will be added in version 0.5
Next release : 0.2 , 12th may - 14th may 2012
Next Major : 0.5 , 1st June - 10th June 2012

Current: V0.2