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8/4/2012 Update notes:
Version 1b and 2b upgrades Jurgen's health regeneration so that he won't go down as easily especially when pelted with arrows. Makes him more viable to combat multiple enemies and higher levelled dragons. This update also adds a new ability for the player when Jurgen is present. Jurgen's Teachings reduces the cooldown timer for shouts to 0 when in the presence of Jurgen and makes shouting a viable ability during combat.

Version 1b retains the 24 hour recast timer, while version 2b allows the player to summon Jurgen whenever they please.
5/9/2012 Update notes:

Version 1a - Shortens Jurgen's shout timer so he shouts more frequently. Update also adds a new shout Devastating Force (see revised description on list below). Also removes original versions axe and shield so that Jurgen will melee using hand to hand combat similar to other Greybeards. Version 2a Jurgen can slightly take more hits than the original version, but will still go down with a few arrows or a power attack.

Version 2a - Same as above but w/o 24 hour recast limit.

Update notes:
Version 2 is available for players who want to summon Jurgen multiple times per day. Version 2 has removed the 24 hour summoning limitation. I will leave version 1 available for those who want to keep the 24 hour summoning limit.

Adds a new ability to summon the Master of the Voice and founder of the Greybeards, Jurgen Windcaller.

To summon Jurgen, you must head over to High Hrothgar after completing the main quest. His ancient notes can be found in the Greybeard resting quarters and the very end of the hall. This ability is similar to the Dark Brotherhood's Summon Spectral Assassin ability, and has a recast timer of 24 ingame hours.

Jurgen is equipped with the following skills:

1. Voice of Skyrim: A shout that freezes the enemy while slowly draining health and stamina for 60 seconds.
2. Voice of Oblivion: A long ranged fire based shout that absorbs health and incinerates foes into ashes.
3. Voice of Sovengarde: A short ranged electricity shout that greatly staggers the foe, and destroys health & magicka.
4. Devastating Force: A more powerful version of Unrelenting Force w/ additional effect of disarming opponents.
5. Custom combat style that focuses on the use of shouts. Jurgen will melee rarely, but will use shouts more often.
6. Jurgen will flank the opponent when in combat.
7. He has a slightly faster running speed.
8. Jurgen starts at level 50 and levels to 81 with the player.
9. Modified stamina and defense rating.
10. Has the Atronach and LightFoot perks.
11. 0.5 recast times for his three elemental shouts, and 0 recast time for his Force shout.

Note: Jurgen's receives a lot of damage as means to balance his very OP shouts. At level 81, mobs were able to defeat him with 2 to 3 arrows. I left this as means to balance the summon. High offense = low defense.

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