Miners Clothes Variant Fix by Citadel535
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Added: 28/04/2012 - 02:30PM
Updated: 28/04/2012 - 02:31PM

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Last updated at 14:31, 28 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 14:30, 28 Apr 2012

Finally the mod you have all been waiting for! Tired of all miner's outfits being clean and white and jealous of women who get the variant miner clothes? Well this mod is for you!

It fixes the texture set on the miner variant for the male model. Bethesda seems to have set the skin portion in error to the alternate texture, what this does is sets the alternate texture to the clothing portion of the miner's outfit. Previously, the two miner outfits for males used the same mesh/texture so this just makes it so there are two miner outfits in the game.

To install, just put the esp in the data folder in Skyrim and check the esp either in Nexus Mod Manager or the launcher. To uninstall, just delete the esp.

Please give kudos if you like, I am not that talented of a modder but it helps bolster my ego and makes me make more mods.