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Adjusts the speeds for characters (player and NPCs), horses and werewolves.

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Adjusts the speeds for characters (player and NPCs), horses and werewolves.

Steam Workshop:

See Same Walk and Run Speeds ( mod, that sets the walk and run speeds for all NPCs to the same values used by player. Is a "must have" if you increase the default walk speed, otherwise the fast walking NPCs will be even more faster.

If you don't use Nexus Mod Manager then copy the ESP file to your Skyrim\Data folder and enable it in the Data Files section from Skryim launcher. If you upgrade from v3 version then remember to remove first the old file, the new one having a different name.

The default version (SkyrimSpeeds.esp) increases the walk speed for characters (player + NPC) with 75% (from 80.10 to 140.175), the walk speed for horses with 50% (from 125.11 to 187.665) and the sprint speed for horses with 25% (from 600.0 to 750.0).

If you don't like the defaults then use the Skyrim Speeds application (requires .NET version 2.0) to generate your custom ESP file. Note that the application is not available in mod's main package (see the optional files).

This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the speeds for player, NPCs and horses. Also you should disable the mod when starting a new game until the scripted scene ends, otherwise there may be some problems caused by horses being faster or slower.