Badass Kharjo and a Khajiit Archer Follower by Niborino9409
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Please get back to me if Ja'dirr doesn't travel.

SE Version


A new khajiit follower Ja'dirr. Able to marry(if vanilla khajiits can).
Kharjo appearance and gear change.
Both are set as essential.

About the mod:
I have used some followers during my time playing Skyrim and I saw that there were no khajiit archers in the game so I made one: Ja┬┤dirr. He uses ebony weapons.
I also thought that Kharjo needed a make-over. Therefore I have made him into a white tiger khajiit, ready to kick ass along your side. But if you only want Ja'dirr that's now possible too.

Kharjo: He's like in vanilla apart from the new gear and appearance.
Ja'dirr: Light armor and bows. Perks: Overdraw 0 - 80, Power bash, Power shot, Quickshot, Ranger, EagleEye 30, Lightfoot, Muffled Movement, Range of Movement, Deadly Aim, Silence, Stealth 0-80. Ja'dirr might be too OP. If he is I can remove some perks. But I'm hoping that he scales.

Potential Conflicts:
In order to have Ja'dirr travel with the caravans I had to put him in the FormList: 0001B1CC; the CaravansNPCList. I also put him as a member of the Quest 0003ACDB; Caravans. The quest responsible for khajiits traveling together. Kharjo is already in them by default.

Kharjo is traveling with the caravan which goes between Dawnstar and Riften. Ja'dirr should also tag along. I usually wait in the Riften caravan camp(campfire next to the stable) for them. You need to have finished his quest to have Kharjo as a follower. Ja'dirr should work from the get-go.