ENB Real Life Vision - A Photorealistic ENB by bart1991a
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Added: 27/04/2012 - 03:58PM
Updated: 28/03/2015 - 03:54PM

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Last updated at 15:54, 28 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 15:58, 27 Apr 2012

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-All credit goes to Sharpshooter8 and Confidence-Man-

This is an ENB based on real life visuals. With good performance it runs on lower end systems too!
What does this mod bring you?

- Bright days and Dark nights

- Dark dungeons with realistic lighting (you will need a torch sometimes!)

- Beautiful, bright colors when it's sunny (similar to Crysis)

- When it's rainy or snowy the sky isn't pitch black, like some ENB's

- Great looking interiors with real life shadows and illumination

- Bokeh DoF

- Realistic and intense sunglare (photos!)

I turned SSAO off on default, so the base performance is better. It looks like this in the enbseries.ini :


If you want even better performance, set EnableBloom and EnableDepthOfField to "false".
Antialiasing and Shadow Quality affects the amount of FPS in an ENB greatly too. Lower these for a major FPS boost.

If you want better quality of graphics, set EnableAmbientOcclusion to "true".

Endorse/give feedback please! I will update and tweak if needed ;)