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This mod is out of date, please head to the Additional Music Project , thank you :).


This is a small pack containing 5 tracks that can be used ingame using the Personalized Music Mod or SkyRadio, depends on what you prefer. Follow the description of the mod of choice for ingame use. I'd like to make more elaborate packs in the future, but it's a slow process, so these will most likely come in relatively small packages.

If you'd like to hear the music first, go here or the video section.



Is for users of the Personalized Music Mod 4.0. These files only need to be renamed and put in the folder of choice. These files will NOT be played by mp3 or other mediaplayers.


For users of SkyRadio or and older version of the Personalized Music Pack (3.0 and below). These files are pretty big and need to be converted to xmw's for the Personalized Music Pack 4.0. I use the Skyrim Audio Converter.


Extract the xwm's to Data/Music/Additional Music Pack I. The esp belongs in the /data folder.


Hard Drive and mediaplayer friendly. This is also the pack you need if you want to use the music for TES IV: Oblivion.

- CONTENTS - (You can use the tracks in ANY folder, what follows is where I've put them)

01- Humble Beginnings
An exploring track which I use for evening / forest and town exploring

02 - Peaceful Days Remembered
Town and day exploring

03 - True Nords Never Back Down
Dragon combat

04 - Soaking In The Scenery
Evening, night and forestexploring

05 - Stardust
Evening, night and tundraexploring


April 28th 2012: I've uploaded a zip containing the mp3's, this means a smaller filesize and it needs converting for ingame use. This is mostly for people who want to use it on there mp3-player or the likes or for Oblivion users (although dragon combat music probably won't be in appropriate :) )

April 30th 2012: I've uploaded a zip containing the xwm's. This is for Personalized Music Mod 4.0 users. The files only need to be renamed and put in the right folders. This download is preferable over the WAV's, unless you're using older versions of the Personalized Music Mod (3.0 or below).

May 10th, 2012: I've uploaded an ESP which needs to be extracted to the /Data folder. The xwm's belong in Data/Music/Additional Music Pack I. I don't have a lot of time to play these days but I'm trying to balance out the amount of times the game plays my tracks, the 'not-too-much, not-too-little' approach, if you will :). So I'm looking for some feedback on the subject. If there are any problems concerning combatibility, drop me line. The downside to the ESP version is that you can no longer tweak the locations and times at which the tracks are played, but it should be the easiest to get working.

May 13th: Previews for every track in the contents section. You'd think I would have thought of this sooner... :D


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