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This fixes Extra Blades by Observantt. It allows you to recruit up to 10 Blades.

Permissions and credits
Extra Blades fixed (version 1.50.1)
by Axhoff

Original mod by Observantt

I loved the idea to recruit extra blades without it messing up Skyhaven Temple (I can do that myself, thank you). Unfortunately the version by Observantt didn't work for me and ItsMeToo's version changed too much for my liking.

This mod aims to do the same thing that the original Extra Blades mod by Observantt set out to do: have you recruit more Blades.

This mod:

-was recreated from the original Extra Blades mod
-adds the scripts that were missing in the original mod
-This is only a gameplay/quest mod and won't mess up Skyhaven Temple.
-During the dragon hunting quests, only the first three Blades recruited will fight along with you. The other Blades can still be commanded to follow you.

Extra Blades is compatible with mods that let you choose to let Paarthurnax to live. I use "Paarthurnax Choices plus3 by a200500" but there are many others that should also work.

This mod will NOT work with ItsMeToo's Recruit More Blades since they both change the same quests.

This mod should work with UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul) as long as it's loaded after that mod.

Other conflicts are very well possible, as always make backups of your save game(s)! If you have a scripts directory, make a backup of that one too.

Copy the content to your Skyrim Data folder. If you have the Extra Blades version from Observantt, or a previous version of my mod installed, you can overwrite the files with the ones in this archive.

Extra Blades EFF v4 compatible (test version) by Ceruulean:

This is an Extensible Follower Framework (EFF) 4.0.1 compatible version of Extra Blades kindly provided by Ceruulean. It is “stand alone” meaning you don’t require any other version of Extra Blades.
This version is still in test phase so if you have any problems see trouble shooting tips below or if those don’t help please describe the problem in as much detail as possible in the comments.
This version of Extra Blades requires EFF v4 (obviously) and also the latest Unofficial Skyrim Patch (USKP). This mod should be loaded after EFFDialogue.esp.

You can get the latest version of EFF here:
Latest USKP is here:

Optional Files:
Extra Blades v1501 no helmets
----------------------------------------v. 1.50.1

The "No Helmet" version does not give recruits a Blades Helmet as part of their outfit. This version is mainly a vanity version for those with ApachiiSkyHair or other hair styles for their followers and want to show them off. This version works only if you've started a new game!

Scripts source (Extra Blades)
---------------------------------------v 1.41

These are the source files for the scripts. These are optional files and are NOT needed to run the Extra Blades mod. The scripts are for those who wish to tinker with the mod themselves. Some of these files will overwrite existing files in the scriptssource directory so make sure to make a back-up of these files before you overwrite them! Don't complain to me if installing these files destroys your game. As stated before, you DON'T need these if you only want to play the Extra Blades mod.

Skyhaven Modified
--------------------------v 1.0

What is it?

Skyhaven Modified is an optional file for those running Extra Blades mod (or not since the Extra Blades mod is not necessary to run this mod)
It adds several beds to Skyhaven Temple and some more clutter. As the Main Quest progresses more stuff is added, such as crafting stations (Alchemy, Enchanting etc. ). It also provides idle markers so that the Blades do stuff like lean against walls, warm their hands or sweep the floor.

Note of warning: most containers (sacks, barrels etc.) re-spawn and are not safe to use as permanent storage.

Skyhaven Modified version 2
---------------------------------------v 1.0

Version 2: changes some lighting in Karthspire and adds more clutter and storage. The storage in the 'armory' (where you find Dragonbane and the skill book Mace Etiquette) does not re-spawn and should be safe.

Upgrading from version 1 should be possible and not cause any loss of stored items but make sure to check things after you do.

No navmeshes were harmed and it was cleaned with Tes5Edit.

Version History
version 1.50.1

-added changes made by USKP.
-cleaned with tes5edit

version 1.42

Hopefully fixes the problems caused by patch 1.6.
Packed the scripts into Extrablades.bsa

version 1.41

Stops Kharjo from going back to the caravan after being recruited as a Blade.(thanks to blackboy2 for pointing him out)

version 1.40

-Should* stop Companions from showing up in the wild after having been recruited. (*Testing is difficult considering the 'random' nature of these events)
-Aela will no longer stay and pray at the Hircine totems if she's a Blade but will return to Skyhaven Temple instead.
-Fixed Esbern's "Bring a Dragon Scale and Dragon Bone" objective still showing as incomplete after being completed.
-Fixed Esbern's Potion from not adding the Dragon Infusion perk.
-Added the marriage fix for Derkeethus from my quick fix mod.

version 1.33

Stops Aerin from following Mjoll after she's been recruited.(thanks to blackboy2 for pointing him out)

version 1.32

Fixes Sven from walking off after having been recruited.

version 1.31

Fixes Derkeethus from running off home when recruited.(thanks to Rudyard for pointing him out)

Version 1.30

My initial public release

New in this version:

-All 10 Blades have their own schedule
-Added 1 extra guard marker at the entrance of Skyhaven Temple that is used by some of the new Blades schedules.


Observantt for the original mod (found here: )
ItsMeToo for creating "Recruit More Blades - SkyHavenTempleEnhanced" and inspiration.


Quick Troubleshooting:

If the mod does not work there are a couple of things you can look at:

# Check the mod load order. If you don't know about load order there is a tutorial on Youtube here.


# See if there are loose scripts in your Skyrim Scripts folder (usually these are found at this location: C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimDataScripts )
If you find any of the following scripts in that location they will overwrite my scripts in the archive:


If you find these there rename them by adding .old to the file-name.


# If you use a multi follower mod (like UFO) check the load order and bring followers only one-at-a-time to Delphine. You might need to dismiss the follower manually (by asking him/her to leave).
Another option is to activate the multi follower mod AFTER you've recruited the 10 Blades.
That's all the support on multi follower I can give. If it works, great! If not, too bad.


# custom followers (such as Aurora, Elven Follower Aranya, etc...) should work. If not it could be that they are not set up right or that it is not the mod author's wish that they are recruited as Blades. I've recruited many custom followers, both my own and others, without problems.


# If the tips above don't work you might have an unresolvable mod conflict. Yes, that can happen when two mods change the same thing. In that case you must choose which mod you like to run. Sometimes you can't have it both ways.