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Hi everybody, this is my first mod for skyrim, a Necromancer light armor based on Thalmor clothes. Items was retex and modified. They add to you, bonus in conjuration, magika and regen magika. This mod has two set. the first for level\'s 5 to 30 and the second, most powerfull, for level\'s 30+. I had a bonus, an Amulet of conjuration

Permissions and credits
Necromancer Armor Set - by Sorok

this is my first mod, I hope you will enjoy it.

To obtain your necromancer set, use the command : Help "Necromancer" 0
A listing give you ID to add it. The first set is called "Necromancer Wear", "Necromancer Boots", etc... for level 5/30
The second is called "Necromancer Armor", "Necromancer Armor Boots", etc... for level 30+

We will use "player.additem XXXXXXXXXX Y" to add it. This mod is balanced and the skin fits into the skyrim univers.

Read the ReadMe file to know more on it, its important !

For a best game, I recommend to use Necromimesis : http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=11891
This mod will give you, new perk and spells in conjuration for real necromancer gaming.


- .esp contains :

- A pack with two sets for nécromancer light armor, based on Thalmor clothes.
Items was retex and modified. They add bonus in conjuration, magika and regen magika.

- An amulet of conjuration (-17% cost of conjuration's spells)

BECAREFUL !!!! if you used another necromancer amulet mod don't copy mine


- Copy the contents from the folder and file "Textures" into your Skyrim's installation folder (/Data)


Thanks to Bethesda for this game and "The Elder Scrolls" univers.
Thanks to Zancka for many tests.
And thanks to you for downloading this mod

If you want to tell me everything about this mod send me a mail to : [email protected]

French Version

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