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Finally I am able to make the change to the game I so desire! If only I had been more brave! Could have started making stuff sooner.


I bring you...

Alchemy Revisited

Several tweaks have been made to the Alchemy skill Tree:

General discription of the skill has been changed.

*Alchemist(1/5) changed to Alchemical Proficiency(1/5)
- The inner workings remain the same.

Concentrated Poison changed to Potency(1/3)
- Each level of this perks gives you 5 more hits with a poisoned weapon.

Green Thumb
- Instead of you getting one extra plant after harvesting you now get an extra 4.
- Level in alchemy required for the perk is now 80 instead of 70.
- You need "Potency" maxed out in order to learn this perk.

Purity changed to Alchemical Mastery.
-Tacked on an additional 50% increase in poison/potion proficiency.

I highly recomend if you have already invested points into alchemy that you use this mod
with a new game or at least a character who hasn't invested points in the skill as you will lose them.

You may not actually, I am unsure at this point.

Post in comments if you find out! :3