Riften Crafting Closet by MetricJester
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Added: 26/04/2012 - 04:48AM
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Last updated at 18:14, 3 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 4:48, 26 Apr 2012

First release!!

This is my first Skyrim mod! Woohoo!

I saw this big empty space between Merryfair Farm and Faldar's Tooth and thought, why should a road end there? there ought to be a house or a shack or something there... So I put a door in a cliff, built a small room and stuffed it full of crafting stations, containers and a bed.

I have some big plans for this little space, things like categorized containers, intelligent transportation nexus (checks if you already been where you want to teleport to), skill boosting areas at crafting stations (not by a whole lot, you can do a lot with the in game system already), a little note explaining everything, maybe even some back story and unlockables. Things like an in house merchant, transportation nexus, and skill boosters can all be unlockables.

Version 11 notes:
This update was reverted back from version 9 (version 10 had so many mess ups I had to fix it) and now only includes the highest vanilla enchanted rings, and potions. I've also included the ingredients needed to make more enchantment potions.

Version 10 notes:
Quick update (optional) to include blacksmithing clothes designed with the highest vanilla enchantments, oh, and a pair of gloves with +100 carry and +45 smithing. I know it's overkill, and that's why this one is optional. I would rather enchant these to the max, and I may consider reverting to version 9 and just including a single max ring in each of the end tables stacked in the middle of the closet.

Version 9 notes:
Added a door to Markarth, and since the cave set I used had some clipping issues, so I built out with some short logs. I feel that this just about completes The Riften Crafting Closet. From now on I will be focusing on making this closet more fun and playable, and try not to overpower enchantments or make this a cheating mod. This decision may change how the enchantment works, or it may not since the enchantment IS essentially story driven and as my daddy always said: "If you already know everything, there's nothing left to learn."

Version 8 notes:
Ok so it's been a long time coming, mostly because I've found and lost a job, and lost my home, and had to move in with my parents since I last updated, also my computer's hard drive crashed, I bought a new video card, motherboard, CPU and RAM, and had to re-install everything on a new hard drive (which i over paid for). Anyway long story short this is only a small update, I added a door to the back of Breezehome that should be locked with the RCC Key, and brought the door to solitude lower inside so you can reach it now.

Version 7 notes:
Remember when I said I'd be adding a transportation nexus? Well it's actually a door into solitude right now, but if I can find an oblivion Mage's Guild style door I would switch it to that. Maybe I can use a rune instead of a door? Oh, and I made sure that you have to find it in riften before you can use the solitude door by adding a key next to the note. Also instead of boosting your crafting skills BY 50, you will get a boost UP TO 100.

Version 6 notes:
Version 5.1 had too many bugs, so I scrapped the existing ore barrel, jewel box, and ingot chest for new ones. They should now just grab a filtered list of your inventory and stuff it in the box. There's no more messages, no more stacked scripts, and unfortunately you will loose anything you have stored in those three containers, so I suggest you remove your stuff before upgrading.

Version 5.1 Notes:
I didn't like the way that the smithing chest, jewel box, and ore barrel all worked on seperate scripts that all had to be included in the download... so I created a generic script, popped it on the ore barrel smithing chest and jewel box, and now it should work better. I've been considering a different strategy with handling all these containers that empty your pockets for you, and just make it automatically dump whatever is in their list of items before you open the container so you can just take out what you want. This might end up being annoying, so i may not even do it.

Version 5 notes:
I put the smithing chest on a shelf, added a jewel box below it, put scripts on each to allow the player to store retrieve ingots and dragon bones from the chest and jewels (amethyst etc.) from the jewel box. Just like the ore barrel, it shouldn't loose any of your stuff, but it doesn't hurt to clean it out before upgrading.

Version 4 Notes:
I changed the ore barrel so now it's named, shows who owns it, and asks if you want to store or retrieve all your ore at once. On my game the question pops up after the container is open, if you have different results let me know.

Version 3 Notes:
I hadn't updated this last time, so here goes: I only finalized navmeshes inside and outside the Crafting Closet so your NPC follower can well follow you in.

Version 2 Notes:
I found a cooler looking door from the ship kit that fits well, but when I switched it over I had to move the transportation marker and `coc RCC` marker. I added a Map Marker for fast travel also. I will take any constructive criticism, but remember I called it a closet for a reason, it's supposed to be small!

Version 1 notes:
Now I'm new at this so haven't time tested everything yet (i just made it actually), but the bed should give you the Rested effect (idk how to make it go Well Rested), the container contents shouldn't respawn (I travelled halfway across skyrim waited 2 days and traveled back and what I took out was still out and what I put in was still in.), but the potions and dagger on top of the end table should. I still need to choose a better door, or re-form the world to make room for it.