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Version 0.7 has now been uploaded! It's very different and a new complete overhaul!!A whole new district has been added, along with some custom voiced NPCs!
This mod is part of the Better Cities project
That is why the ".esp" file is called "BetterCitiesWhiterun"!

Adds to Whiterun:

  • Added a whole new district called the Lower District. It is a lore friendly poor district with more than 15 NPCs, which 4 of them are CUSTOM VOICED, and each NPC has his own unique life, and story
  • 7 Custom Voiced NPCS. Some of them do not say a lot of stuff, but there are 2 main ones: the Khajit named Qadar Shaba, who will give you information about the Lower District, and the new follower J'ram Zeir. Other NPCs' voices will be greatly improved in the following versions.
  • Added one new follower: J'ram Zeir (argonian sneaky archer) who is spending all his money in the Man's Last Hope. Talk to him, and see if you can convince him to join you!
  • In this new district, there is a small Tavern called the Man's Last Hope. You can fully enjoy an entire new tavern atmosphere from 9 pm to 2 am (be sure to lower you music volume in your game options to fully enjoy it!)
  • Overhauled the trading atmosphere of the Plains District, since Whiterun is supposed to be the trade center of all Skyrim: reworked Main Street full of stalls, reworked main Plaza, added Warehouses, etc.
  • Added several houses. Each one of them hosts a whole new family.
  • Added many new lore-friendly secondary NPCs. Each one of them has a unique life, including 6 merchants, one of whom is marriageable.
  • Four new guard towers (north, north west, east and south) and more defensive structures including an overhauled main gate. All of those are patrolled by new guards, who live either in the new towers or in the guard barracks, which has been expanded. The North and East towers can only be accessed through the guard's barracks (just behind the Bannered Mare). Also added accessible defensive structures on the walls between the Plains and the Wind Districts.
  • Added some animals
  • Added a statue of Ysgramor facing Jorrvaskr
  • Added lore friendly flora to give Whiterun an overhauled look
  • All new characters, plants and items are lore-friendly as much as possible. This means I will not add any pine nor aspen, only lavender, tundra cotton and mountain flowers. The prisoner is a Dark elf, because dark elves aren't really popular in Skyrim. Each city book store will sell only 1 (or 2) skill books package (5 books) depending on the town's specialty. Hence, for Whiterun, the book store only sells 5 skill books for one skill (smithing) and sells a few others.

I'm looking for someone who knows a bit of scripting for 2 small ideas. Please PM if interested.

Just install with NMM or extract the files in your Data folder!
Make sure your ".esp" files are loaded somewhere at the very bottom of your load order, even if BOSS does not.

IMPORTANT, ESSENTIAL, CRUCIAL: When you start playing for the 1st time with the newest version of Whiterun, the custom voiced NPCs will NOT talk. You have to interact with any one of them, then save, and finally load your savefile. Only then will they talk to you. That's a Bethesda stuff issue, not mine.

When updating from previous version, a clean save is highly recommended.

Known Issues:

  • May cause a small FPS drop especially in the marketplace (during market hours), but I've done my best to scatter people in order to avoid that. A Light Version will be made.
  • If an NPC gets stuck, use TC console command to move him. Don't forget to re-enter TC in the console to give the control back to the AI.
  • If Whiterun guards randomly attack certain new NPCs, here is a workaround: use the TCAI console command (this will Toggle Combat AI, which means NPCs will stop attacking anyone) and don't forget to type TCAI again before leaving Whiterun in order to put the Combat AI back on.

  • 100% COMPATIBLE with "Whiterun Outskirts Market"
  • 100% COMPATIBLE with "Riverwood Redux" just make sure BetterCitiesWhiterun.esp is loaded AFTER RR's.
  • 85% COMPATIBLE with "Wet and Cold": the option "NPCs ignore rain" must be enabled - if not, new NPCs, including the prisoner, will have weird behaviours and do random things...
  • 50% COMPATIBLE with "Populated Cities" Using both mods (or more) may severly hit your performance and cause CTDs
  • 0% COMPATIBLE with "7K's Better Whiterun"
  • 0% COMPATIBLE with "Open Cities"


0.7: HUGE UPDATE! Adds a whole new district to Whiterun, and several custom voiced NPCs (unfinished except 1 of them)
Improved compatibility with Breezehome mods.

0.5.4: bug fixes mainly

imoprtant fixes
  • houses and walls should not disappear anymore
  • huge Navmesh (NPC pathing) improvement and corrections
  • Aletha now has a female child voice
  • some benches near Battle Born house are now where they should be
  • in case the Book Store is locked - which should not happen often, i hid a key in Knutr's house. There is a cupboard named Utlagi's cupboard in which is the bookstore key. It will however be a stolen item if you take it(made on purpose). You shouldn't need it because if the door is locked, all you have to do is wait (maybe a whole day). Anyway do as you like!

small fixes including new voice and grey faces

Quickfix; the guardhouse wasn't right
fixed gray faces

A Complete Overhaul started from scratch!!!
  • Whiterun has been completely redesigned
  • Imperial Towers are now Whiterun Towers
  • Guards should not attack stormcloaks, please report it if otherwise
  • 1 fish merchant
  • 1 alcohol merchant
  • 1 clothing merchant
  • 1 blacksmith materials merchant
  • 1 book merchant selling skill books (marriageable)
  • 1 pastries and bread merchant (marriageable)
  • 1 tavern wrench (marriageable)
  • 1 prisoner with 1 guard/executioner
  • a small family of Argonians
  • many children and a dog
  • Vladislav and Einarr should yell something sometimes during market hours with a custom voice when standing at their stall! please comment, needs to be tested

  • fortress aspect improved - added many guards and defensive towers
  • various fixes and NPC pathing optimization
  • improved compatibilty
  • Guard barracks has been expanded

Various bug fixes:
  • door to fellstar farm no longer leads to the Bannered Mare
  • NPC pathing in Whiterun
  • deleted unhabited houses except one (the shack near Jorrvaskr)
  • changed dark elven childrens' eyes, and various others.

  • 4 new merchants have been added
  • 1 book store where you can buy skill books
  • 1 liquor stall to buy alcohol
  • 1 clothing stall
  • 1 stall for smith accessories and materials
  • added more activities for the new NPCs
  • added 1 NPC (a prisoner!)
  • fixed few issues such as: the stone towers can now be seen from far away when the player wanders across Tamriel

Doors and wrong houses (bannered mare, riverwood's Alvor house etc) are now fixed. Fixed other minor bugs too.

Original Release

(Every 0.X version will only affect Whiterun.)

If you encounter any bug or weird thing, don't forget to mention it.

Oh and DON'T FORGET TO ENDORSE if you like it! thanks!

This is my first mod , snaaaaaaaap!!
Bethesda of course