Hobbit Hole by Jamie Barnes
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Added: 24/04/2012 - 11:44PM
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V1.1 Released!

A list of new features
-Added a Basement (Key is in the safe in bedroom).
-Anvil added to Basement.
-More storage.
-Followers can now enter the house, but currently cannot enter the basement.
-New clutter added around the house.
-Locked door added for future quest update (this mod will be optional).

-Removed all doors except door the the bedroom.
-Fixed invisible bookshelf.
-Fixed Sting being a two handed weapon, made it single handed only.
-Fixed gaps and holes in walls.
-Potion crafting table moved to Basement

Quick description

This is a mod that places a Lord Of The Rings themed house into the game. This house is based on the Hobbit houses from the LOTR trilogy. This house contains all of the vital requirements needed to kick some ass in the land of Skyrim. If you find any bugs


This is a Skyrim mod I created, a mod that takes ingame objects and fuses them all together to create a player house designed to look like a Hobbit Hole from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. With the upcoming release this fall of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the similiarities between J.R.R Tolkeins books and Skyrim, I figured this was the ideal mod to create for Skyrim. This is also my second mod so I'm still learning how to use the creation kit. :)


Within the house you can find a single bed, a cooking spit, chests, bookshelves and other various storage containers. So far out of the thousands of downloads, no one has yet reported items being removed from chests. At this time I cannot guarantee that your items will be perfectly safe so please backup your saves once in a while or keep your most valued items within one of the default ingame houses.There are also two modified items which can be found within the house. The most obvious one being "Sting" which is a duplicate of a Steel Sword, however the stats are dramatically increased. The model of this sword may change in a future update. The other is "The One Ring". Outside features include a tanning rack, workbench, sharpening wheel, vegetables and various other vegetation in the front garden.