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General Companion Info
Once a companion is following you, you can issue simple commands like "Wait" "Dismiss" "Follow." When your companion is "Dismissed" he should return to where you found him. At the moment only one creature companion can be recruited unless you have other mods running to extend this.

This mod is independent of any other mods, so simply open up the .zip file and drag and drop the .esp into your Skyrim "Data" folder with all the other mod files and then use the Skyrim Launcher to activate the .esp. Or alternatively use NMM to install and activate.

About Gorf the Frost Troll
Currently Gorf is found at the entrance to High Hrothgar and will become your follower without any dialogue confirmation once you speak to him. Gorf is quite a strong follower in battle, but is often too lazy, where he sits around for long periods of time until player engages in battle.

About Rafa the Horker
Currently Rafa is found on a rock in the water directly below the Winterhold bridge and will become your follower without any dialogue confirmation once you speak to him. Rafa is a reasonable follower and moves quicker than you would expect of a Horker.

What to expect in future versions
Originally I was thinking of making a great mod on Gorf with armor and spells which was suggested by other members, however after some experimenting I found that this was going to take up too much of my time and I think it is beyond my skill level. Future versions will include more followers in various locations across Skyrim and if I am able to, a Shout style of recruiting.

Helping out with this mod
It would be great if anyone wants to improve this mod as it is very basic at this stage. So please message me if you're interested. Also feedback is the best way you can help me, let me know what you like and don't like and also what you want in the future :)