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Last updated at 9:45, 22 May 2012 Uploaded at 2:18, 24 Apr 2012

Welcome to CK's latest mod, CK's Improved Windhelm! I hated how the rebel capital was nothing compared to Solitude, and it just seemed horribly unrealistic to me that one of the largest cities in Skyrim only had like 3 shops, no place to buy everyday food, and the only general trader was in the Grey Quarter, and this mod fixes that!

If you like it, please endorse! :)

This mod makes Windhelm a awesome and convenient place to live, and it also adds in a few statues and generally cleans up the mess of weeds growing in the city.

Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with pretty much anything, even other mods that modify Windhelm! If you do notice any conflicts, I can work on a compatibility version, but it should work.

Content: This mod adds in 4 shops, a few statues, cleans up some weeds, adds some flags and adds some guards, as well as just some minor touche ups

Master Bernhard's Weapon Emporium: Remember the days when weapon shops actually sold gear that was actually better then what you currently have? I hated how the vendors in this game would only sell better gear when you level up, I found this extremely unrealistic and immersion breaking. Master Bernhard doesn't give a shit about what level some random adventurer is when he makes his gear, and he will happily sell most weapons and armor up to ebony at his shop for those who have the coin

Hjurojdir's Grand Library: I dont know what maddness came over me when I thought that it would be neet to have a library in this town, but after a eternity of stacking books, I am happy to bring you Hjurojdir's Grand Library! It sells most books in Skyrim, with the exception skill books. There are still a few he sells though :). Like Master Bernhard, Hjurojdir the Wise does not give a shit about the exploits of some random adventurer when he stocks his shelves every day, so he will sell many magic tomes from most levels as well

The Windhelm trader Not much to say about this one, just s standard trader by the entrance of Windhelm that sells the normal stuff + Stormcloak gear

The Old Bakery: This is Windhelm's food outlet, so to say. It seems Bethesda has been lazy with there games as of late, and now in Skyrim cities don't even have a place where their citizens can buy food, and this shop fixes that! I don't have anything against Bethesda, I think they are a great company, but I think they have been sliding backwards ever sense Oblivion(Basically anything after Morrowind), in terms of realistic/Immerse cities, enemies, and just making a challenging and rewarding game =/.

I hope you all enjoy this mod! Please leave feedback and endorse if you like it!

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