Aurora Lv1 Nord Girl In Riverwood Optional Breezehome by R4id3n1984
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Aurora is a Nord Girl on Lv1 in Riverwood on her way to Whiterun..

(Her Items)

Long Bow
Iron Arrows (26)
Iron Sword
Iron Dagger
Iron War Axe

Iron Armor
Iron Boots
Iron Gauntlets
Iron Shield

Frost Bite Venom (2)
Minor Healing (2)
Minor Stamina (2)
Minor Magicka (2)

Items Of Food (6)
Books (1) "Guide To Whiterun"
Keys (1) "Helgan Keep"
Gold (200)
Lockpicks (4)

Standard Spells + Sparks (Got From Helgen)

Standard Skills

This Save File is for people who want a New fresh game after a New fresh install
And don't want to go through Helgen

Ps.. I Have used the Console but Only for resetting Skills & Perks back to Lv1 as on the Playthrough she got to Lv2 (This Should Not Have Any Effects ON The Gameplay)

Customise her by Entering "showracemenu" in Console without the ""

Hope you Enjoy XD

I will Also be Uploading an Option Savefile @ the stage of Breezehome
Now Uploaded + ReadMe for more Details

Added Optional Godlike
Same as Whiterun Savefile..

Health Stamina & Magicka Set to 2000
All Skills 100 with All Perks
All Spells
All Shouts
Carryweight 2000
Gold 84000
All Map Markers Shown With Fast Travel Enabled