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Added: 23/04/2012 - 11:30PM
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-Jtrainz Reduced Auto Aim-


Just a simple mod that reduces but does not entirely remove the auto
aim so you can adjust the crosshairs in third person and stay on

Not quite sure on how to make it work with the Nexus Mod Manager so that's disabled until I know for sure or the unlikely possibility of this getting absurdly popular.


Drop the ReducedAutoAim.esp in your Skyrim's data folder, Usually
found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim.
Launch it the default way, Enable the plugin then either hit play or
exit and launch it with skse if you use that.

-Optional .ini tweaks and the crosshair position I use-

The skyrim .ini file is found in Documents\My Games\Skyrim, The
settings I have in the screens,



The [Combat] Section helps bring the arrows more on target, Thanks
to Kevkas and the section on it in Arrow Tweaks info.

The [Camera] section is the placement of your crosshairs, The first
three are standard, The second three are in combat. Thanks to
mtgAzim for giving me the basics on tweaking this to my liking.
As for adjusting it to your own liking the Z is up and down, The X
is left and right, What I did was minimize skyrim adjust it bring
skyrim back up hit the tilde key ~ to open the console and type
refini to reload the .ini, Then you sheath and bring your weapon
back out to see the new position.

-Credit where credit is due-

mtgAzim and there Third person cambat camera mod/.ini tweak
suggestion, This gave me the basic idea to start adjusting my own to
my liking and my default camera position is still the same as he

Kevkas and there Arrow Tweaks mod, The arrowtiltangle I found due to
his optional .ini config tweaks, Also I highly recommend his mod.