Summon Sickle Cat by Misa
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Added: 23/04/2012 - 11:06PM
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Sickle cat seems to have the same traits as a perfectly healthy late teenage Sickle tooth... Except every-time I summon him he's the same cat and forgot that he has ever died.


Version 1.0

Add Kama Neko to your game and Misa's diary

Summon Kama to fight for you in battle

Who needs a companion that gets in the way all the time? Summon a Sickle cat at will and use him when you need it most!

2 Minutes of mayhem from Kama Neko

Misa's diary on the subject... As always, why not just write a story already? 'Cause it's no fun!

You're talking to yourself again Misa... No I'm not Maboroshi.


Catnip is delicious