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REQUIRES by ArcaneSmith
REQUIRES by "Is This Display Name Taken"
Module for Lorecraft - requires + download to function.
Best to use it with "Lorecraft - Vanilla.esp" as this only adds new recipes, does not modify the existing ones.

Uses existing Lorecraft books.
Lorecraft dynamic looting and vendors.
Still uses 'Is This Display Name Taken's awesome sketching system - now you can create the sketch if you have found the book or got the item (or completed the relevant quest).

If you want one of the new recipes to appear, you will need to have the sketch in your inventory or have the 'using these recipes' toggle from the Lorecraft book. Either will work. You can also create a sketch from the book (if the sketching code is already in Crafting Complete). This gives the best of both worlds.

Load Order
Ensure this loads after CCMainFile.esp
Lorecraft - Vanilla.esp
Lorecraft - Crafting Complete.esp

Is This Display Name Taken