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A project to bring weapons and items from the ASOIAF series into Skyrim.

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Mods Of Ice And Fire, or MOIAF, aims to bring various weapons and items from the ASOIAF series into the world of Skyrim.

- Longclaw: Jon Snow`s Valyrian steel sword. Both 1-handed and 2-handed versions.
- Oathkeeper: The valyrian steel sword given to Brienne by Jamie Lannister.

- All items can be tempered if you have the steel smithing perk.

v1.2 (5/31/2012)

- New Weapon: Oathkeeper.
- Added Scabbards for Longclaw and Oathkeeper.
- Added temper recipies for all weapons.

v1.1 (5/3/2012)

- Longclaws mesh and textures has been redone to more resemble the TV show version.
- Added a 1-handed version of Longclaw.
- Balancing tweaks.

V1.0 (4/23/2012)

- Initial Release
- New Weapon: Longclaw

- Place the Data folder in your Skyrim installation directory, Which will be located someplace like:
And when it asks you to merge folders, say "Yes to all".

- Run the Skyrim launcher, click on "Data Files", and then check the box next to "MOIAF.esp" and press ok.

- You will find the items in a chest directly behind Breezehome in Whiterun. The included screenshot shows you the exact location.

Oathkeepers is based on the drawing by the DeviantART user "~nejna"

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