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Last updated at 14:32, 4 May 2012 Uploaded at 14:13, 23 Apr 2012

The original game's "dead thrall" spell only worked on NPCs. This mod adds several spells to extend the range of undead thralls you can have.

The RAR file contains 2 Esp files so you can choose which part(s) of this mod to use:

Increased summons ESP:

Raises max summoning cap at various points of the conjuration perk tree:
- Novice Conjuration: +1 to cap
- Summoner: +2 to cap at each tier level
- Necromancer: +6 to cap
- Atromancer now increases elemental summon duration by five fold
- Final perk "Master of Souls" lifting the cap to 24

Necromancy spells ESP:

Contains the following new spells

"Awaken Undead" spells
- 3 skill levels (Apprentice, Expert, Master) avaliable which raises undead of increasing power.
- Allows indefinite reanimation of Undead creatures.
- Permanent reanimation of already undead creatures such as Skeletons and Draugrs are simpler than creating a dead thrall. Hence these spells are lower in difficulty and cost than the dead thrall spell.
- No effect on fresh corpses: the spells work on undead corpses (ie skeletons and draugrs) only!
- Ash piles and Dragon Priest remains cannot be raised.

For non magic users there is a staff imbued with the "awaken undead" effect.

"The Nether Ritual"
- The ultimate necromancer's spell
- Reanimates multiple weak to average strength undead in a large area.
- Can be used in undead tombs/dungeons to quickly create an undead army.
- Try with the "zombie apocalypse" mod for some interesting undead vs undead battles!

"Animal Necromancy" spell
- Raises animal thralls only, does not work on mammoths: they are too big for indoors.
- Likewise reanimation of animals is also easier as they are more simple minded than humanoids, hence the reduced cost and difficulty.

"Enslave Shade" Spell
- Summons Shades which are deadly indoors but is weakened by sunlight and is extremely weak to fire
NB: My original intent was for Shades to be summoned from NPC corpses (which then decay into ash after the spell is cast) but so far I've been unsuccessful doing this... Maybe a more talented modder will take up this one day.

"Call Shadow Priest" spell
- Summons a powerful shade priest armed with multiple spells
- Has the same weaknes as shades

How to obtain the spells
- All spells plus the staff can be obtained from members of the Skyrim Necromancer's Guild.
+ Two guild Necromancers have been signted operating in Hamvir's rest.
+ The Guildmaster can be found travelling Skyrim, she will also teach you the spells.
- The Riverwood Trader will now only sell the low tier spells.
- The spell tomes will also appear randomly in other magic stores or loot.

How to Install:
1. Unzip
2. Place in Data Folder
3. Enable Mods

I probably won't be further updating this file, please feel free to use all or part of this mod in your own work as long as I am acknowledged in the credits.