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**You may now have her as a companion by going here: **

Description: This is a fresh, clean save right after the cart ride to Helgen. You begin your adventure in Skyrim as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) from Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games Trilogy, headed for the choping block. Her destiny is up to you.

**This is a saved game, not a mod, so if you don't install the required mods, the character will probobly look like crap.**

Required Mods:

Fountain of Youth Beauty Project: **Make sure you install this before Pretty Lips.**
Pretty Lips: **Make sure you install this after Fountain of Youth and overrite if needed.**
Bright Eyes:
Coolsims Hair Pack (with retexture):

Reccomended Mods:
Leather Backpack:
Grace Darkling's Ranger Armor:
Whiterun Trees:
Better Arrows:
Proper Aiming:
SkyTest (Enhances animal behavior for immersion, say, if you like to hunt):

Also, if you're hardcore, be sure to check out the Personalized Music mod for Skyrim. It allows you to customize the music that plays in Skyrim. You can find it here:

After you install the required mods, paste the ESS file into your doccuments/mygames/Skyrim/Saves folder. The filename will be 'Save 134 - Katniss Skyrim 00.20.19.ess.' To avoid any issiues, where it says 'Save 134' before 'Katniss,' Change the number to be one higher than your latest save. This will help keep it sorted and easy to keep track of.

Thanks to all the modders that made this possible, because all I did was screw around with a few sliders. Hope you enjoy running around as Katniss! Now you're prepared for whatever Hunger Games mods are released in the future! Feel free to do whatever with this, but if you use assets from the modders, credit them accordingly.