Summon Blades Agent - Acilius Bolar by Zeroeternalz
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8/9/2012 Revision Notes:

Version 1a and 2a adds a much needed ability for Bolar to be more effective in a large scale confrontation. When Bolar's health goes below a certain level, he has a chance to unleashe his desperation mode Second Rush. In Second Rush mode, his speed, strength and health regeneration goes up in astronomical levels for 10 seconds. After the effect wears off he goes back to normal combat mode, and has a chance to activate Second Rush again if his health drops below 10%. Version 1a is for those who want a 24 hour recast tier. Version 2a is for those who do not want the recast timer.


Version 2 now allows the player to summon Bolar whenever they would like and removes the 24 hour summon limit. Version 1 will still be available for those who want to keep the 24 hour summon limit.


Adding some substance to the Blades' existence in Skyrim, I've created a new summon spell that calls forth one of the last remaining Blades, Acilius Bolar.

To summon Bolar, you must first go to Bloated Man's Grotto and find the Shrine of Talos that Bolar defended against Thalmor pursuers. There you will find Bolar's Writ and Bolar's Oathblade (already in vanilla Skyrim), and Acilius Bolar's Dossier (added with this mod).

Bolar is equipped with the following skills:

1. Equipped with Bolar's Avenger. An Akaviri Nodachi with the enchantment that burns Bolar's target.
2. Bolar's Avenger also has an added enchantment that inflicts fear status on elves and also has a chance of exploding them as they die.
3. Customized Combat Style that focuses only in melee with his sword.
4: Bolar frequently kills opponents with a finishing move once enough damage has been inflicted on his opponents.
5. Upon getting the ability, Bolar is level 30 and levels up to 81 along with the player.
6. Bolar is slightly slower than most actors, but this was done so that he does not rush into battle too quickly.
7. Good balance of defensive skills and offensive skills.
8. Enhanced stats in health and stamina.
9. Bolar's Second Rush mode: If Bolar's health drops below 10%, he has a chance to go into Second Rush mode for 10 seconds. In this mode, his health regen, speed, and strenght goes up into astronomical levels and provides him a second chance to continue fighting. If the ability doesn't activate... he's as good as toast.

Bolar died defending his beliefs against the Thalmor, and now he's been given another chance to take down more Thalmor. (Let's face it, most of us don't like them....). He is not invincible and will disappear upon taking too many hits. He can be summoned once per day just like the Summon Spectral Assassin ability.

I am working on other mods, and will be making updates to others. Please rate me up if you like this. Also, please let me know if you experience any issues using this mod.