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Etain from the movie Centurion - This is my interpretation of one of my favorite movie characters "Etain the Pict Scout" played by Olga Kurylenko in the film Centurion. While by no means a perfect replica, with the limited resources I had to work with I am happy with her final version. I spent nearly a week working on her, feeling like I was going to go mad at times trying to get her facial features correct. I have edited Willows Warpaint that she made for me so that it is closer to the original movies warpaint. I basically took the wide brush strokes and made them rounded so they look like they were applied by fingers. I still owe much thanks for Willow's help on this!!!

Update 3.0

Face: Warpaint Updated to look more like the movie character but her face is the same as version 2.0 for purists
Weight: Body Weight Updated to 70% at the scale and will now work with all female bodies
Spells: No Spells whatsoever in keeping with the original movie character
Relationships: No relationship to wolves (didn't really work anyway)
Combat: She is at a Calculated Level 45 or Auto-level from 10 to 82 Two Handed Boss.
Armor: Prefers light armor in keeping with the movie character
Hair: New Hair from Apachii that I feel matches the movies a little closer. Note: Since she is created using the NPC Editor I removed each and every extra Apachii hair file from her. There should be no extra hairs in the "showracemenu" with version 3.0 in use.
Eyes: Hazel Green, I used "Eyes of Beauty" on her for this update.

Required Files

ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_0 is REQUIRED for Version 3.0

ApachiiSkyHair 1.4 or later is REQUIRED for Version 2.0


I added a standalone file of the warpaint for those that like the hair on version 2.0. It is located under miscellaneous in downloads.

Location: Winking Skeever
Coloring and Physical Attributes: I customized her hair color, skin tone and of course her facial structure and makeup coloring. I used Ms. Kurylenko's physical stats on her scaling ( 27% for version 2.0) and height.
Face: Better Females by Bella - Makeup Option 1 and No Shine Option:
Skin: Glossy Skin for all female bodymod - v05 - No Gloss
Shown - Vanilla Armor for CBBE by Caliente -
Cloak; Winter is coming Timber Wolf Cloak Trimmed in White Fur.
Her Spear (Which is the closest to the one in the movie I could find) is from Bob's Armory (Thanks Mr. Dave!) It is called a Partisan. (Please endorse his work, it is absolutely incredible!)
Navetsea's body textures were used as well (and as usual), highly endorsed!
Boots - Remodeled Karliah by Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M by MAK:
Gold Bracelets - Gatti 06 Branwen Armor for CBBEv3 by Gatti:

For more of 83Willow's awesome work click this link:83Willow

Thanks for checking out my mod and please endorse her if you like her! :)