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Added: 22/04/2012 - 07:59PM
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Akaviri Fort
Latest version: v5.2

Description: I made this plugin for myself. It adds an akaviri fort/player home. Its visible on the map as soon as the plugin is loaded. the fort is in the far north near ysgramor's tomb. Inside are plenty of chests for storage, lots of mannequins which are now loaded with blades armor and also have the new odachi model which was made by Krusty. It should be said that the armor is not lootable by the player, it will disappear if u try to replace it, although it should respawn. There are several supply chests which have arrows, gems, and other crafting supplies. These chests no longer respawn so they can be used as storage. The only chest which respawns currently is the soul chest which holds an assortment of filled black/grand soul gems. There is an ingredient chest with all the normal ingredients also. The home also contains a kitchen and a sleeping area to go along with the complete crafting area. The home is fully navmeshed so that followers can enter. Amoung the improvements are: new water effects to add realism being that the doors are partially submerged on the exterior, new sound effects to go along with said water, reworked navmesh to add follower support and keep mannequins still, new custom lighting to add ambience, all interior windows were removed to better match the exterior, some amount of clutter was added to make the place feel more natural, mannequins were added/repositioned and loaded with armor/sword, etc etc.

WARNING: As with all house mods, remove your items from displays, mannequins, and chests before updating from previous versions. The items will be lost when the new plugin loads should you choose to ignore this warning.

TheKrusty made a custom version of his ko katana model for which i have made a texture which is still a work in progress.

Requirements: Should work with any version of skyrim, needs no other mods, and contains only 2 custom meshes as of v5.2

Recommended: Samurai Blades Armor by kyuu
Samurai Ko Katana by Krusty:
Experimental Laser Katana by brothershogo:
Insanity's Celtic Katana:
Ko Katana
Credits: Bethesda, and myself for using their resources.
Permissions: Since this is just a simple mod using existing resources the only rights i claim are to this particular layout. In other words don't just copy my work, but modifying it is fine, as long as i am credited for the work i did.
Credit to theKrusty for his Ko Katana mod which the katana stand came from. All of his katanas are excellent and he is currently helping me develope another custom katana for a future release.