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Last updated at 23:31, 12 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 0:16, 23 Apr 2012

This mod has provide many of new weapon idle animations, and they are full set (including walk/run/turn). You can choose different style to replace the vanilla, Just try it and I wish you like it. If you like it don't forgot comeback to endorse or donate to let me keep go on, Thanks.

((Arrow Attach Kit)) PCA - AAK now is already available on my forum (moasteps).

The walk, sprint and bash animations that I port from one of my favorite game "Vindictus" by the hero which his name call "Kai/y". I want let you know that I had to spend some time to adjust those animations to make them match skyrim and run smooth on skyrim game not just a copy and paste. 

However, those animations is credit to devcat - nexon.

Stand bow:

Sneak bow:

Run and Sprint:


bow walk:

bow drawn walk:

1.Because male and female skeleton is different, in case male hand is longer little bit than female in default game set, this why vanilla bow draw idle female hand can not touch arrow chord, twist the hand position in bow animation is best solution for female can touch arrow chord when use bow....

I have specifically twisted the hand position for female characters so that they can correctly touch the bowstring. Unfortunately, the xpms or xpmse "extended sliders for ece" option will change the bow/hand size, which mean if you pick this option, female character will no longer match my specific twist bow animations. Also, my specific twist bow animations is only design for vanilla bow weapons, some custom bow size are different and may also not match.

2.Once you install Pca, If you see "2hm_equip" "bow_drawlight" "bow_drawheavy" "bow_drawn" and "bow_release" (bow is including with sneak) is under [animations] and [animations>female] both folder, all under [animations>female] are specifically twist for female character, don't replace each other, and FNIS "Gender Specific Animation" generate is essential if you are using female character.

3.Some 1hm(1-handed melee) draw/sheathe animations is specifically design to allow you draw/sheathe(eq/unequip) your sword or dagger from backside, That's request "XPMS" or "XPMSE" or other custom skeleton mod which is change weapon node position to match my custom back sheath animations.

My "Pca" are also contain specifically adjusted bow draw/sheathe(eq/unequip) animations to match "Frostfall by Chesko" Belt-Fastened Quiver style, It is also request "XPMS" or "XPMSE"  or other custom skeleton to match on.

Beside, xpmse contain his default weapon idle animations, If you use it, be sure install PCA after than xpmse, If ask you to overwrite, just click "yes" to complete the installation is fine.

4.some of my one handed melee(1hm) draw/sheath(equip/unequip) animations is specifically design which is good to match with "Dual Sheath Redux", this mod allow your left hand weapon or shield correctly display on the sheath node, even you are not in combat. This mod is not essential, but I am highly recommended.

5.Pca will no longer update for "1hm" part, If 1hm still have update available, It will only on "PCA-1hm Overhual".

Known Issue:
Vanilla 1hm draw(equip) animation is 43 frames, if any custom 1hm draw animation frames are over this value and you keep pressing "R" key frequent to try to draw or withdraw your weapon, you may get stuck problems. Unfortunately, My Pca 1-handed sword back sheathing style is over 43 frames and I can not reduce to 43 frames, So if you use my 1hm back sheath style, Please wait the draw(equip) animation finish before you want to withdraw(unequip) the weapon again.  

Downlaod the main file, install with NMM or Mo, flexibility, simple and quick, plz install FNIS and pick "skeleton arm fix" generate once you install or remove Pca.

Recommended to use with my another modPretty Staff And Magic Cast Animations and PCA-1hm Overhaul.

Little promo here, I just upload a screenshot which is a relationship description about my little story "top"

Special thanks Tesher441313 "Ian H. Pickman" help me to completing my "Pca" Fomod English translation.

you can found the animation file in path:
X:The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim >Data >meshes >actors >character >animations > xxx.hkx.
just remove it,now the character will return vanilla idle with original game set.

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Mod use for Screenshot:
1.Cr enb, Sometime I use other.
Enhance character edit (ECE) and ece extend
3.fair skin (not all
4.Ks hair
5.Sg texture (head textures
7.xpms /xpmse (manually install)


other works