Alduins Wings by Guffeh
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Added: 22/04/2012 - 02:02PM
Updated: 30/11/2013 - 09:55PM

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Last updated at 21:55, 30 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 14:02, 22 Apr 2012

Update 11/30/2013: If it wasn't obvious by now, I've long since abandoned this mod, as it was my first and last endeavor at modding. I don't consider this mod complete, but it's functional. With that said, any and all persons that wish to use/re-use/manipulate/incorporate this mod in any way, you may do so unconditionally.

TL;DR: I'm leaving this mod, anyone can do what they want with it.

Thanks to Brodual for featuring Alduin's Wings on their Skyrim Spotlight!
Thanks to SpeirsTheAmazingHD for featuring Alduin's Wings on his Mod Episode!
Thanks to MMOxReview for featuring Alduin's Wings on his Skyrim Mods: Week #22!
Craft-able Alduin's Wings
Available under the Dragon section at the forge.

Needed Materials: 2 Dragon Bone, 3 Dragon Scale, 4 Leather, 4 Leather Strips.
Upgrade Materials: 1 Dragon Bone, 1 Dragon Scale

Comes in Heavy Armor and Light Armor Versions.

Completely Stand-alone.
Uses copies of Alduin's texture, so any texture mods that affect Alduin aren't touched.

Normal and Smaller versions included in the main file.

++To Do: Add GO.nif for menu viewing

**Please report any issues and I will do my best to fix them. This is my first mod, so things could go wrong**

!! Alduin's Scale Armor by Justice123 available here:

5/11/2012 - Alduin's Wings v0.3
- Normal and Small versions included in main file as seperate items
- Temporary world model included, wings view-able in inventory
- For users of the optional smaller wings file, you will have to remake your wings if you want the smaller appearance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

4/22/2012 - Alduin's Wings v0.2
- Can now upgrade Light & Heavy Wings
- 1 Dragon Bone & 1 Dragon Scale required for upgrades
- Can now enchant Light & Heavy Wings

4/22/2012 - Alduin's Wings Alpha v0.1 Release
- Light Armor & Heavy Armor versions
- Minimal testing, bugs may appear

Author's Note: I was tired of not seeing any good wings for Skyrim, so I learned how to make one.