Briarheart Geis by DarkPhoenixxy
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Added: 22/04/2012 - 01:11PM
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Last updated at 14:43, 22 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 13:11, 22 Apr 2012

Places Briarheart Geis on the table in Lost Valley Redoubt (cos its id is dunLostValleyRedoubtAxe).
Briarheart Gies is item from original game, that deals additional damag to Nords. This mod just makes it so you can obtain that item in game without use of the console.

Shoud not have conflicts with any other mods, maybe exept the ones that changes LostValleyRedoubt08 cell.

Little history: When my character (elf) saw Wuuthrad, the blade with wich Ysgramor drove his kind out of Skyrim, he oathed to make the blade that can counter legendary axe. Now, when he found and disenchanted Briarheart Geis he can fullfill his oath...