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Last updated at 16:40, 2 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 10:37, 22 Apr 2012

Update version: 0.6

This mod is still a replacer of texture, but, you can choose between replacer or standalone version.

I wanted some gloves to go along with 'Cloaks of Skyrim - by Noodles', 'Stripper Dresses - you know you love it - by Turbosnowy'
And the white robes in ''

This is my first mod. And i thought i'd share what i was using in the game.

Copy the RodGloves.esp, RodBoots.esp, meshes and textures folder and paste it in your Data folder confirming all overwrite data.

If you have an older version of this mod installed delete the old esp.

Activate the mod in the Skyrim Launcher.

Or, use Nexus Mod Manager,
Remember to deactivate the older mod before installing the newer one.

If its Steam, '+Subscribe'

Where to Find:
You will find the normal gloves craftable at the tanning rack. (Under Misc Menu)
You will find the other coloured gloves craftable at the tanning rack. (Under Hide Menu)
You will find the normal gloves Boots at the tanning rack. (Under Misc Menu)
You will find the other coloured Boots craftable at the tanning rack. (Under Hide Menu)

> Remove RodGloves.esp from your Data folder
> Remove RodBoots.esp from your Data folder
> Remove all data from datatexturesclothesbootsrod (just delete this folder, 'bootsrod')
> Remove all data from datatexturesclothesglovesrod (just delete this folder, 'glovesrod')
> Remove all data from datameshesclothesbootsrod (just delete this folder, 'bootsrod')
> Remove all data from datameshesclothesglovesrod (just delete this folder, 'glovesrod')

If its Steam, 'Un Subscribe'

Optional Files:
If you want to install the optional Hues for the same colour... First download and install the Main file... After that, Download the optional file and replace the files in the main file.

To do this,
1. Download Main file and install using Mod Manager/ Manual.
2. Download Optional File
3. Extract The RodHues*colourname* in the skyrim data folder and replace the other .dds files.
4. Start game and find the replaced colour where you find the original parent colour. (Here you will find blue replaced with sky blue)


0.1: It is just a replacer. Hence to get the White coloured gloves, just get the normal gloves available in the game. 'player.additem 000261c1 1'
0.2: This mod is now craftable, find the item in the tanning rack under misc.
0.3: This mod is now standalone. Added the colour Crimson.
0.4: Added new colours, Black, Blue, Green and Yellow.
0.5: Added Boots, standalone and with all six custom colours. to get the normal boots, 'player.additem 0004223d 1'
0.6: Optionals added Hues. Sky Blue.

Upcoming Version(s):
1. Making The gloves standalone Making The gloves standalone is done
2. Adding colours, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White is done. Tell me if there are any other colours you would like... I will add them.
3. Adding, Boots.

It has been my pleasure that you tried my mod out.
If you like this mod, don't forget to rate and favorite/endorse. It will work as an incentive to make more mods :)

French Version - Gants et bottes - Rodnix is here. by Kanjs

A modified non clipping version can be found here. Gloves that do not clip

Thank you for endorsing my work,
Hope you enjoy this mod.

Cheers to you all
Have fun

The pictures above contains the exquisite works of:

The Art of Magicka - CBBE - UNP - Male by - Zonzai and Kalell
Acdale EyeCandy Body ADEC - by AcDale
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
Better Females by Bella by BellaGail
Joseph Anthonys Lip Gloss for Better Females by Joseph Anthony
Stripper Dresses - you know you love it - by Turbosnowy

you can mail me at [email protected]
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